To better organize your calendars, you can create a variety of Schedules to categorize them. Please note: Schedules are internal-facing only, and parents cannot see the scheduling type of an appointment once they book it.

You may want to set up and use Schedules if:

  • You have a tour with two or three different people hosting, and need to distinguish between schedules for each person.

  • You have several different hosts for video meetings and would like each to have a unique video conferencing link.

  • You need to distinguish between different school levels for an interview.

Schedules help you fine-tune the organization of your calendars and you can show or hide them from your view.


How-To: Create & Manage Schedules

Creating New Schedules

To create a schedule, navigate to 'Scheduling' -> 'Calendars' and select the desired calendar from the list.

Once on the page for that calendar, click on the green plus sign next to Schedules along the left sidebar. This will open the Schedule Details window.

On the Schedule Details window, you will enter the following information.

  1. Name of the Schedule you wish to add.

  2. Background color to distinguish the schedule from any others you have set up.

  3. (OPTIONAL) Video Conferencing Link*: You can choose to add a unique video conferencing link for anyone that books an appointment from that schedule. To pull this link into the calendar confirmation/reminder email, add this merge token: {{appointment.video_conferencing_link}}

  4. (OPTIONAL) Custom Appointment Text*: You can also choose to add custom appointment text for anyone that books an appointment from that schedule. To pull this text into the calendar confirmation/reminder email, add this merge token: {{appointment.custom_schedule_text}}. Please note: HTML and Liquid formatting are not supported in the Custom Appointment Text; however, line breaks will be preserved.

  5. Don't forget to click the blue Submit button to save your changes!

*Families can always view the Video Conferencing Link and Custom Appointment Text by clicking the View Appointment button next to the calendar item on the student's checklist. To learn more about how to integrate links / custom text into the event confirmation and reminder emails that send to parents, click here.

Now that you have created your new Schedule, once you click to add or edit a time slot on that calendar, you can select the Schedule you created from the drop-down menu in the Available Time Details window. Click Submit to save your changes on this window.

Appointment slots will now show up on the calendar in the colors you assigned to each schedule.

If you want to hide one or more of the schedules from your view, uncheck the box to the left of the schedule name in the Schedules section of the left sidebar.

Editing or Deleting Existing Schedules

If you need to edit your schedules (i.e. change the name, color, video conferencing link, or custom appointment text), hover over its name in the Schedules section of the left sidebar, and the Edit option will appear.

Once you click on the Edit button, the Schedule Details window will open. From here, you can update any of the information, and then click the Submit button to save your changes.  

You can also delete the schedule from this menu by clicking on the red Delete Schedule button. Deleting schedules is permanent and they cannot be recovered. If there are booked appointments for the schedule you are trying to delete, you will need to select a schedule to move those appointments to before you can delete the schedule.

Viewing Schedule Details in Search & Reports

When creating event registration and attendance tracking reports, you may want to include schedule information and appointment details. To learn how, click here.


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