What is the Application Checklist?

The Application Checklist is available via the Parent Portal, as well as via the Contact Record on the Admin side.  It’s comprised of the items that a parent needs to complete in order for their child to be considered a status of Application Complete, as well as the items that the admin needs to complete for the student to move into this status.  Admins may need to manage the completion of checklist items for the receipt of a check, a transcript form or immunization form.  Just like the Inquiry Checklist, the Application Checklist is dynamic, which means different items will be generated on the checklist based on rules that were setup in the application form.  

Additional Checklist Features: 

  • Custom business rules for checklist items such as setting certain checklist items to only display for international students, boarding students, etc.
  • Custom ad-hoc admissions forms such as a personal statement form and custom teacher recommendation forms.  
  • Internal facing forms such as an Interview Notes form.
  • Checklist items with calendars for scheduling appointments and events.

Watch the videos below to see the differences between what the parent sees and what you as the Admin sees.  To learn how to manage your checklist, click here.

Application Checklist: Parent View

The Parent Portal Checklist includes detailed descriptions for what the item is and any instructions for what needs to be done in order for that item to be marked as complete.  The item may be marked as complete after the parent performs an action, and/or after the admin performs an action.  For any forms, paperwork, or payment options that need to be mailed, the admin will need to mark the item off as complete for the parent.

Admin Application Checklist

The Admin side of the Application Checklist does not include detailed descriptions for each item like the Parent Portal Checklist.  However, there are Internal only and Optional Checklist options that may be utilized.  Watch the video above for a complete walkthrough.

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