Getting Started

Once you create a calendar, you can add available time slots.  To do this, click on the Scheduling tab (1) and then click on Calendars (2).  Select the Calendar name (3) you wish to access.

Add a Time Slot

The calendar you selected will open.  You can either click on any date in the calendar or you can click on Add a time slot in the upper right.

Both methods will open the Available Time Details window.

  1. Schedule: You can select the schedule category for the appointment such as Default, Band, Science Club, Inquiry Events, Admissions Events, Principal, etc.

  2. Timeframe:  Here you can set the start and end time of the appointment as well as the date.

  3. Slots Available: Select how many appointments can be made on this date and time or select unlimited if there’s no cap.  The number of spaces will limit how many individual families can book this slot. Once booked, the slot will disappear from parent or public facing calendars, preventing over-bookings.

  4. Reoccurrence: Here you can set a reoccurrence for the event.  Once you mark the checkbox, you’ll be able to set the number of weeks in between the reoccurrence, the day(s) it falls on and a start/end date.

  5. Submit:  Click here to save your changes and to add the appointment to the calendar for booking.

Once you setup your appointments, you can then customize email confirmation and reminder settings, you can set an appointment booking window, and manage calendar access for parents.

Calendar Settings

Click on calendar settings–>edit settings in the upper right of the calendar page you wish to customize settings for.

The Calendar Details window will open.  From here you can:

  1. Edit the Calendar Name

  2. Edit the Details Field: This is the description that displays on the parent portal checklist for the item that’s tied to it.

  3. Enable email confirmation and edit the confirmation email template by clicking on the blue text.

  4. Enable an appointment reminder email and edit the reminder email template by clicking on the blue text. Reminder emails are sent around 4am Central.

  5. Set the number of days before the appointment or the reminder email to be sent out.

  6. Enable appointment window auto close: Mark this checkbox to set the number of days the appointment window should close prior to the date of the appointment. 

  7. Select the number of days the appointment window should close prior to the date of the appointment from the drop down menu. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you set the window auto close to 1 day before the event, registration will remain open until 11:59pm in your timezone, the day before the event.  So if you have any early morning appointments, it's best practice to set a 2 day window auto-close so that you don't have any families registering the night before. 

  8. Allow parents to book appointments on the checklist in the Parent Portal: Mark this checkbox to allow parents to book their own appointments.

  9. Make the calendar available through a public link:  Mark this checkbox and then copy and paste the hyperlink to your website or in an email.

  10. Click Submit to save your changes.

How to Cancel Booked Appointments in Bulk

If you need to cancel an appointment that's already been booked, select the time slot on the calendar. The 'Available Time Details' window will display. click on 'Cancel All Appointments.'

Next, you can review all appointments that will be cancelled with their email address. To complete the cancellation, click on 'Cancel Appointments.' Please note, cancellation emails will be sent to all appointment contacts listed as long as you have the cancellation email turned on, or checked off for the event you're working in. If the cancellation email is not turned on, notifications will not be sent. You can check all email options within the Settings menu of the calendar.

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