Within SchoolAdmin, you can create different calendars for each event your school hosts, such as tours, open houses, parent/student interviews, welcome events, and more. You can even have multiple calendars to segment events by grade; for example, you might have one calendar for Upper School Tour and another for Lower School Tour.

Watch this short video or read on below to learn how to create new calendars!

How-To: Create a New Calendar

To create a new calendar, or access your existing ones, click on the Scheduling tab (1) in the navigation bar, then click on Calendars (2). To add a new calendar, click on the green (+) Add a New Calendar button (3).

Once you've clicked to add a new calendar, the Calendar Details window will open. You'll enter the name for your calendar in the Calendar Name text box. When you do this, the Canonical Name (i.e. how the calendar is known internally in the system) will automatically generate. If you prefer a different canonical name, you can change it at this point. It should be similar to your calendar name and can only contain characters 0-9, a-z, A-Z, or underscores for spaces. Once the calendar has been created, the canonical name cannot be changed. You can change the display name of the calendar at any time.

In the Calendar Details window, you can also configure several other settings related to your new calendar, although you will not be able to edit the appointment email templates or create a public calendar link until after you have created the calendar. You can edit any of these settings later on as well by returning to the calendar page.

To learn more about each of the different settings available in the Calendar Details window, see our article on Calendar Settings here.

Click the blue Submit button to create your new calendar. You are now ready to start adding appointment slots, creating user schedules (if applicable), and linking your new calendar to a checklist item or your online forms.

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