Inquiry Forms can be filled out by members of your internal team in SchoolAdmin. This is particularly helpful if you receive a phone call from a parent or you meet a family in person who has an interest in your school, and you want to make sure they are logged in the SchoolAdmin system as an Inquiry.



Inquiries can be added using the Quick Action menu, indicated by the plus sign (+) in the upper right of your SchoolAdmin site. Click on it, and then select 'Fill out an inquiry form.'

This will work the same way as the inquiry form that the parent fills out, except for the following:

  • There is no inquiry thank you page at the end.

  • There is no automated inquiry thank you email that goes out to the parent.

  • Most fields that are marked as required for parents to complete are not required for internal users in order to submit the form. Only basic information, such as student name, grade, and term, as well as parent name, is required.


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