Build great relationships through an Inquiry process that…

  • Analyzes the profiles of your candidates

  • Suggests appropriate individual follow-up

  • Communicates highly targeted messages

Having a great Inquiry process provides a positive experience for families and drives deeper engagement.  Additionally, by using dynamic checklists, list filters, and bulk communication tools, you can remove much of the burden of the process while maintaining a personalized, high-touch service.

Comparing data across SchoolAdmin clients shows the benefits of the Inquiry process.

On average, schools report an 18% increase in Inquiries in the first year of SchoolAdmin compared to before using SchoolAdmin.  They have a corresponding increase of 13% in the number of Applications

Getting Inquiries is helped by thoughtful marketing strategies.  Website design and easy access to the form play a key role.  However, the inquiry form design and the communication plan matter greatly in encouraging engagement and converting inquiries into completed applications.

Let’s look at some additional numbers:

  • Inquiries convert into an applicant 54.5% of the time on average.

  • Inquiries that book an appointment during the process become applicants 60.1% of the time.

Schools collect hundreds, sometimes thousands, of inquiries each year, so a conversation rate improvement at the top of the application funnel has huge implications further down the funnel.

It becomes even more apparent how the inquiry process improves family engagement when looking at parents who inquired prior to applying and those who did not.

  • Parents who did not inquire prior submitting an application only completed the application process 81.1%.

  • Parents completed the inquiry process prior to applying completed the application process 89.8% of the time.

A completed application process means receiving the initial application and all the subsequent steps schools require including interviews, transcripts, and recommendations forms. 

What this data tells us is that parents who have gone through the SchoolAdmin inquiry process outlined below have built a stronger bond with your school and are invested in the process.

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