What are Common Checklist Items?

Common Checklist Items are checklist items that can be shared by applicants between schools within a designated group as part of the admissions process. A student applying to multiple schools in a school group can submit a recommendation or transcript request form at one school, then they can link it to other schools within the group so all schools will receive the form when it is submitted. The primary benefit of this feature is to save time and effort for applicant families as well as feeder schools and their teachers.

How-To: Set Up Common Checklist Items

Enabling Common Checklist Items

Common Checklist Items are an optional feature that can only be enabled if at least two schools using SchoolAdmin agree to participate in a group together. If you are a member of a group of schools looking to participate, please contact Support to discuss enabling this feature.

Configuring Common Checklist Items

Once Common Checklist Items have been enabled for all members of the school group, the initial configuration will be performed by SchoolAdmin. We will work with a point person for your school group to collect PDF versions of the common recommendation and/or transcript request forms that you would like to use, and create corresponding Common Checklist Items for all schools.

Once the initial configuration is complete, you will be able to identify Common Checklist Items by the "Common Checklist Item" checkbox visible when editing a checklist item.

Important Note: Please consult with SchoolAdmin before making any edits to, or creating a new Common Checklist Item.

How-To: Understand the Parent Experience

What does the experience look like for applying families?

Below is an example of how this will work for families. Please note: The student must be in an Applicant-type status at each school in order to link the forms. If the student is in a different type of status (e.g. Inquiry), the link forms option will not appear.

  • Schools A, B, C, and D are members of a school group that have decided to use Common Checklist Items in SchoolAdmin

  • Applicant X submits an application to School A. They then complete their recommendation and transcript request forms at School A as well.

  • Applicant X then decides to apply to School B. After submitting their application, they will see the option to link their recommendation and transcript request checklist items at School B to the ones they've already submitted at School A:

  • After choosing to link their form at School B, they will select the correct checklist item to link to from School A:

  • Once they have been linked, the corresponding checklist items at School B will show as linked to the forms at School A:

  • After the form submitted at School A is completed, School B will update to show that it has been completed as well:

  • Applicant X can then complete the same process at Schools C and D so that all four schools will receive the same recommendation and transcript request forms while the feeder school and teacher(s) only had to complete the form once.

How-To: Understand the Admin Experience

How will Common Checklist Items appear in the Admin Portal?

Once a checklist item for an applicant has been linked to one or more schools, it will appear in the admin portal like so:

The recommendation is accessible by clicking on "Manage Files" and downloading the associated PDF of the recommendation. If your school uses the Review module, linked recommendation forms will be accessible in there as well.

Best Practices

  • As mentioned above, the initial setup for Common Checklist Items should be performed by SchoolAdmin.

  • When coordinating Common Checklist Items for a school group, it is best to have one point person for the group that works directly with SchoolAdmin. Edits made to a shared form will need to be made on each school’s site within the group. So it's best to have one person submit this request to support to ensure edits are made to all sites. Note: each school still has the ability to make edits to their individual forms. If an edit is made to one school’s form, that edit will be present when the form is shared with another school.

  • Most schools add a common logo to all recommendation and transcript requests so that the administrator or teacher completing the form is aware that they are completing the form for all schools in the group. Note: There is only one recommendation request email template. If you are using shared recommendation forms and additional non-shared recommendation forms at your school, the email sent to the administrator or teacher will be the same for both.

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