The scheduled ledger from a billing account, is another way of viewing student and account balances. This ledger can be found within any billing account > Billing > Schedule.


  • This ledger can be filtered by term, by a start month and an end month.

  • Default view will show the most current active enrollment term, and months that have existing charges for that term.

  • Students will have their own section according to their existing billing category balances.

    • Daily and monthly totals for each student will be at the top in blue.

    • Totals per category will be on the right.

  • Daily and monthly grand totals will be at the bottom of this report.

  • Expandable months that show daily ledger detail. A dashed line will show what dates have passed, and what dates are in the future.

  • If there are account level charges, they will appear in their own section of this report with totals in blue, just as they appear their students.

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