SchoolAdmin Payments - powered by Stripe - is a simple and powerful way to accept payments inside the SchoolAdmin application. For an overview and frequently asked questions (FAQ) on SchoolAdmin Payments, click here.

Once a member of our internal Onboarding/Support Team has enabled SchoolAdmin Payments as your payment gateway for credit card and/or electronic check (as applicable), you will be able to access the account setup and onboarding/verification steps from your SchoolAdmin site. Read on below to learn how to complete the setup process.

How-To: Set Up & Onboard to SchoolAdmin Payments

Follow the steps below to create your account and onboard to SchoolAdmin Payments. Please note: SchoolAdmin must configure your payment gateway and payment mode before you complete these steps.

(Step 1) - Within your SchoolAdmin site, navigate to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Financial’ -> ‘SchoolAdmin Payments’. Please note: Only System Admins will be able to access this page. From here, you can follow the steps on the page to complete the setup process - read on below for details


(Step 2) - Within the ‘Payment Setup’ section of the page, select the button under Step 1, ‘Click here to create an account’. Your account will be created and the button should change to green and say ‘Completed’.



(Step 3) - Once your account is created, proceed to select the button under Step 2, ‘Click here to onboard’.

You will be redirected to the Stripe Identity Verification page. Enter the required information for the verification process where prompted. If you want to return to this step at a later date, click the ‘Save for later’ button in the bottom left to be returned to your SchoolAdmin site.

The information required for verification is listed below:

Required Business Information

  • Type of Business (Individual, Company, or Nonprofit Organization)

  • Legal Business Name (as appears on your IRS documents)

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) (or SSN if used for business tax purposes)

    • Note for schools in Canada: This will be your Tax ID (also known as a Business Number)

  • Registered Business Address

  • Business Phone Number

  • Industry

  • Business Website (or product description)

Required Business Representative Information

  • Legal Name of Person

  • Email Address

  • Job Title

  • Date of Birth

  • Home Address (i.e. the person’s address of residence, not the school address)

  • Phone Number

  • Social Security Number (SSN)

(Note: The Business Representative should be the executive, senior manager, or someone else who has significant responsibility for the control and management of your business. You can choose ‘Save for later’ and have them return to fill this out if you do not have all of the information).


(Step 4) - Back on the SchoolAdmin Payments setup page, the status will be updated accordingly:

  • ‘Onboarding started, but not completed’: You have started, but not completed, the verification step.

  • ‘Additional information required’: More information is needed on the verification step before you can be cleared to accept payments.

  • ‘Account verified, ready to accept payments!’: Complete! Successfully verified and ready to accept payments.


(Step 5) - If you need to add or update the information while in pending verification, click back into Step 2. If you need to update your information after verification is complete, use the ‘Click here to edit information’ button.


(Step 6) - Select the button under Step 3, ‘Enter bank account information’ and enter the account name and type, account number, and routing number for the bank account you intend to use for your payouts.

  • Note for schools in Canada: In the Routing Number box provided, please input the Transit Number and Institution Number for the account you wish to use. Format: 12345-678

Click the ‘Submit’ button to confirm and you should receive a message confirming your information saved. You can then close the window. If you need to update the bank account information at any time, return to the SchoolAdmin Payments setup page and click the blue 'Manage bank account' button.

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