Students in the Admissions or Enrollment workflow can register for events from their checklist in the Parent Portal, as long as you enabled the 'Allow parents to book appointments' option in the associated calendar settings.

However, there may be times when you want to register a student for an event internally. For example, you may have an inquiring family who calls you wanting to register for additional events, or you may need to schedule students for admissions interviews as an Admin Team. In these cases, you can schedule students for appointment slots on a calendar from the Admin checklist on a student's contact record. Read on to learn how!

How-To: Schedule a Student for an Appointment as an Admin

Before you can schedule a student for an appointment slot on a calendar, that calendar will need to be linked to a checklist item. The checklist item can be required, optional, or internal. For instructions on how to do this, click here.

Once you have the calendar linked to a checklist item, you can schedule any student with that checklist item for an appointment slot by following these steps:

1. Navigate to the student's contact record in SchoolAdmin by using quick search or selecting them from a list page/report.

2. Locate the calendar checklist item on the student's checklist. Note: If the item is not appearing on the student's checklist, double-check any criteria and/or business rules you have configured in the checklist setup and make sure the student matches all of them.

3. Click on the 'Schedule Appointment' button below the name of the checklist item and you will be redirected to the calendar page.

4. Select an available appointment slot on the calendar and in the window that appears, click the 'Book [Student] Here' button.

5. Confirm the selected appointment date and contact information. You can also add an optional Internal Note for yourself / your team which can be viewed within the booked appointment details in the student's checklist, or pulled as a column into a registration report for event-wide planning.

Please note: If your school is using a custom appointment form to collect additional information such as a total headcount of attendees, names of attendees, interests, etc. you may have additional fields that you can fill out.

6. Click the blue 'Submit' button to finish booking the appointment.

When you book a student for an appointment from the admin side, they will still receive the associated calendar emails, such as the appointment confirmation and appointment reminder, as long as you have the option enabled in the calendar settings.

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