You can link families to your SchoolAdmin Parent Portal login page, public Inquiry Form, or public link calendars directly from your school's website or elsewhere. This article will discuss the different links available to use.

The specific URLs to link to your SchoolAdmin site will be unique to your school, but all of them will follow a general format. With the URLs provided below, simply replace the [Subdomain Here] with your school's unique SchoolAdmin subdomain (e.g. sa-academy). Please note: The domain will be slightly different for clients on the Canadian server.

-- SchoolAdmin Parent Portal Login Page --

This link will take families to the main login page of your Parent Portal, where they can log into their existing account (to complete forms or checklist items for their student) or create a new account (to begin filling out an application or link to an existing student).

Non-Canadian Clients

  • Link Format: https://[Subdomain Here].schooladminonline.com/portal

  • Example: https://myschool.schooladminonline.com/portal

Canadian Clients

  • Link Format: https://[Subdomain Here].schooladmin.ca/portal

  • Example: https://mycanadianschool.schooladmin.ca/portal

Pro Tip: Customize your Login Page Description to welcome families to your Parent Portal and provide information on getting started, how to use the portal, and how to contact your school with any questions!

This link will take families directly to your school's Inquiry Form. A Parent Portal Account is not needed to submit an Inquiry Form, so families can begin completing the Inquiry Form as soon as they click this link.

Non-Canadian Clients

  • Link Format: https://[Subdomain Here].schooladminonline.com/portal/new_inquiry

  • Example: https://myschool.schooladminonline.com/portal/new_inquiry

Canadian Clients

  • Link Format: https://[Subdomain Here].schooladmin.ca/portal/new_inquiry

  • Example: https://mycanadianschool.schooladmin.ca/portal/new_inquiry

Pro Tip: You can list your public inquiry link on your school's website so that families can ask questions or register for events, and you can track them all in SchoolAdmin. Click here for some tips on designing a great Inquiry Form!

Public calendar links take families directly to specific calendars in your SchoolAdmin Site. They can then register for an appointment slot on that calendar, without having to create a Parent Portal Account or submit an inquiry.

If you have any SchoolAdmin Calendars set up to be available through a public link, you can find the specific links to use by navigating to the Calendar Settings within the desired calendar. The public link is available to copy under the Calendar Access section.

Click here for detailed information on Public Calendar Links!

If you are editing in HTML and want to create a clickable link, you can use the following format:

<a href="http://www.your-link-goes-here.com">Your Link Text Goes Here</a>

If you want the link to pop out in a new window, you can add target="_blank" after the URL in the opening tag. Example:

<a href="http://www.your-link-goes-here.com" target="_blank">Your Link Text Goes Here</a>

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