"I can already see the hours of time that will be saved by SchoolAdmin. Instead of answering endless emails asking about our admissions process, I am now free to do what's necessary to encourage more families to join our school community." - Director of Admissions & Enrollment @ a Catholic High School

As an Admissions professional, there are several features in SchoolAdmin that will be useful to you as you build and manage your relationships with prospective students and their families. Some of these include:

  • Inquiry Management - Dynamic inquiry forms that get you the data you care about, and you can even embed event sign-ups into the form! Plus, the smart inquiry checklist is a great way to manage the follow-up actions your team needs to take to engage families.

  • Applicant Management - Customizable application forms and checklists, easily trackable online teacher recommendations and document request forms, and the online review will make your admissions process a breeze for your team and applying families.

  • Communication Options - Create personalized automated communication plans, emails, text messages, letters, and labels to communicate efficiently with your prospective families.

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Dashboard & Name Menu

  • Dashboard: Reminders - Learn how to view and manage your existing reminders on the SchoolAdmin Dashboard. You can edit reminder content or due dates, as well as mark complete, reassign, or delete reminders from the dashboard page. You can also go to the contact record of the associated student with just a single click!

  • The Forms Inbox & How to Import Forms - Learn how to view and manage inquiry or application forms that have been submitted (both pending import and recently imported), as well as any draft applications started by parents or admins.

  • User Notifications - Learn how to configure your user notifications so that you can receive emails about the student actions that matter most to you.

  • Quick Action Menu - Learn how to use the quick action menu to easily add new contacts in SchoolAdmin. You can add Prospects, Consultants, and even fill out an Inquiry or Application Form on behalf of an interested family.

View or Update Information

  • Contact Record Overview - Learn how to navigate the contact record to see detailed information about each contact in the system. If you need to update contact information for a student or their family, you can do this from the contact record.

  • Contact Layout - Learn how to update the contact layout settings to set the fields you want to display within contact records.

Managing Inquiries

  • Introduction to Inquiries - Learn how to engage your potential candidates and manage the Inquiry Process for a stronger yield.

  • Inquiry Checklist - Learn how to design a dynamic inquiry checklist using best practices. The inquiry checklist is internal-only, so you can use it to really focus in on the actions you want your team to take to engage potential candidates.

Managing Applicants

  • Admissions Checklist - Learn about the parent and admin views of the admissions checklist, accessible after a submitted student application is imported.

  • Admissions List Page Overview - Learn about how to use Admissions List Pages to not only view the contacts in your admissions workflow, but also perform your day-to-day tasks more efficiently.

  • The Admissions Report - Learn more about the Admissions Report, which provides a comparison of your admissions data across the last five years, including conversion, selectivity, and yield values.

Checklist Management

Communication Tools

Learn how to create and use:

Search & Reports

  • Search & Reports Video Tutorial - Watch a 1-hour video tutorial about how to use the search and reports functionality in SchoolAdmin.

  • Search Overview - Learn how to use the powerful, flexible search builder to find contacts based on user-definable criteria

  • Read the rest of our Search & Reports content here.

Online Reviews

  • Online Review Overview - Learn about the Online Review module, how it works, and the customization options available to you.

  • Read the rest of our Online Reading & Review content here.

Accounts & Permissions

We hope this information gives you a good place to get started with using SchoolAdmin. If you need extra help, click here to learn how to contact our best-in-class Support Team!

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