"SchoolAdmin has been great and allowed my small office the ability to work effectively and efficiently." - Director of Admissions @ an Independent Prep School

Working in the Front Office of a school requires lots of organization and often involves fast-paced work. SchoolAdmin is here to help make your life easier with some key features designed for your workflow.

  • Contact Management - Easily add or pull up information about students and their families, as well as prospects and consultants.

  • Reminders - Use reminders and custom activity types to help your internal team keep on top of key tasks and events relating to applying and enrolling families. Reminders can even be automated through communication plans.

  • Easily Track Documents - Bulk upload paper files you have received and easily match them up to the correct students. Dynamic checklists also help you keep track of pending and complete items for all students.

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Add or Locate Contacts

  • Quick Action Menu - Learn how to use the quick action menu to easily add new contacts in SchoolAdmin. You can add Prospects, Consultants, and even fill out an Inquiry or Application Form on behalf of an interested family.

  • Quick Search - Learn how to use quick search to easily pull up different contacts, such as students, parents, or consultants.

View or Update Information

  • Contact Record Overview - Learn how to navigate the contact record to see detailed information about each contact in the system. If you need to update contact information for a student or their family, you can do this from the contact record.

Manage Your Workflow

  • Dashboard: Reminders - Learn how to view and manage your existing reminders on the SchoolAdmin Dashboard. You can edit reminder content or due dates, as well as mark complete, reassign, or delete reminders from the dashboard page. You can also go to the contact record of the associated student with just a single click!

  • Activity Items - Learn how to create or manage custom activity types so that you can track the items that matter most to your school.


Best Practices

  • The Quick Action Menu is great for adding smaller handfuls of contacts into the system. However, if you have a larger number of contacts to add, such as a list of prospects from a feeder school or summer camp, consider doing a bulk import instead. Click here to learn how to create an import template.

  • Similarly, if you have many scanned documents to upload for students, consider using the Bulk File Upload Tool instead of uploading them individually to each student.

We hope this information gives you a good place to get started with using SchoolAdmin. If you need extra help, click here to learn how to contact our best-in-class Support Team!

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