With SchoolAdmin Billing, you can run different types of reports, one of them being a Payout report. This report will show all of the payouts you have received or will receive in the future, to the bank connected your Stripe account. It will also display all of the transactions within that payout, including how and where those payments were applied.


Inside of this report you will be able to filter by different date ranges, with the default date of the last seven days. You will also be able to filter by payout id, status, and amount.

This payout report is exportable. If you export from this the summary page, it will export the data shown on that page. If you would need more information within those payouts, you will need to click on an individual payout id and export from that page.

The Individual payout will include all of the transactions within that payout, including refunds, the payout total, and total charged. Included inside of a transaction will be:

  • The transaction ID
  • Order ID
  • Date and time of the transaction
  • The associated payer name
  • The type of payment being made
  • The payout amount
  • Any fees that have been charged or refunded
  • Student names to where the payment was applied
  • A billing category breakdown of how or where that payment was applied

This page is exportable as well, and the export will include all of the data shown within that page grouped by the transaction.


  • Refunds will not show any information, only the amount that has been refunded. Those transactions will still be viewable inside of Stripe.
  • If you use Stripe for payments other than SchoolAdmin, those payments will also show up in these reports, but will not have any student information because they are not coming from within SchoolAdmin.
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