"I have led the launch process for 3 Enrollment Management systems in schools. SchoolAdmin is by far the most user friendly, provides the most applicable tools for our Admissions team, and presents a high quality interface to parents. Even in the early stages of implementation, it is clear that SchoolAdmin is an asset to our enrollment management and data management." - Director of Technology @ an all boys Military Academy.

As a Data Manager or IT staff member, the integrity of your school's data is crucial to all operations from admissions to matriculation and class management. Some key features to help you manage data within SchoolAdmin and between systems include:

  • Fields - Learn how to customize what fields display within different workflow contact records, how to customize the organization of your fields within groupings, how to build dynamic reports and saved searches, how to customize field properties, and how to manage fields within online forms.

  • Exports and Imports - Learn how to streamline your data between systems with validated imports and with exports run for customized data sets.

  • Standard and Custom Data Services - Learn how to import current students and historical data, update existing student data, manage custom data imports, learn what integrations we support and more.

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Article Links

Data Management and Permissions


  • GDPR Overview - The GDPR seeks to strengthen the security and protection of personal data in the EU.

Field Management

  • Field Management Tutorial - Watch a full length tutorial on how to organize and report on the data you collect in online forms and contact records.

  • Field Displays and Edits - Learn how fields are displayed for Admins and families and how to edit the properties of each.

  • Field Settings - Learn how to manage and organize how fields are displayed and reported on in the system.

  • Merge Fields - Learn how merge fields / tokens allow you to dynamically insert contact data into emails, letters, labels, and the parent portal.

Exports and Imports

  • Data Exports - Learn how to run a data export with new data or data since your last export so you can import from SchoolAdmin into your SIS or other database.

  • Scheduled Exports - Learn how to setup and create scheduled exports.

  • How to Save and Export a Search - Learn how to save a search, open a saved search and export your results to multiple formats!

  • Data Import Standards & Best Practices - Learn about some of the standards and best practices to keep in mind when running your create or update data imports in SchoolAdmin.

  • Standard and Custom Data Services - Learn what standard and custom data services are available such as current and historical student imports, FACTS Integration, SAO and Gateway-to-Prep integrations and more.

  • Duplicate Contact Matching - Learn how to merge potential duplicate contacts in the system, most often seen with inquiry families that submit an application to your school.

  • Duplicate Household Matching - Learn how to merge potential duplicate household matches in the system.


Additional Data Resources

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