"This year we added the Billing feature. This will allow our parents to have better access to their account information and, as with the application side of the system, frees up our staff by making much of the communication automated." -Director of Admission at an Independent Day School.

As the Accounting or Business Office staff, it's important that you can easily collect tuition payments, manage all your school's financial transactions and record keeping. Learn about the tools you can utilize to collaborate with the admissions and/or the business office to increase collection rates for your school's enrollment management objectives while decreasing headaches and paperwork such as:

  • Billing List Pages - Learn how to view, filter and export data for your ledger, AR Aging Report and Payout report. Manage billing and student account communications in bulk, add charges or credits, and see who's overdue.

  • Communications - Personalize and brand all automated communications during the billing process that help keep your payments on time.

  • Finance Management - Learn how to add or remove fees, charges, and credits individually and in bulk. Customize billing categories to meet your accounting needs for easy export/import.

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Enrollment and Business Office Onboarding Article

Billing Overview & Setup

General Setup

  • Stripe Setup - Learn how to setup and manage Stripe including ACH verification with micro deposits (for non SA Payment schools) and learn your way around the Stripe Dashboard. Please note: If you're currently setup with SA Payments, your families will not be asked to enter micro-deposits.

  • Billing Setup - Learn how to set up the SchoolAdmin Billing Module for optimal management of your tuition and fees.

  • Autopay Best Practices - Learn how to manage and optionally require AutoPay for your families to increase timely collections.

  • Global Billing Settings - Learn how to set your global billing day, optional grace period and optional overdue threshold.

Financial Setup

Setup FAQ's


Contract/Registration Process

  • Contract Management - Learn how to manage your Enrollment Contracts/Registration Forms from fee setup to parent submission.

  • Fee and Payment FAQ's - Learn answers to commonly asked questions around Billing fees and payments.

List Pages, Workflows and Reporting

Billing List Pages

Billing Workflows

  • Tuition Workflow - Learn how tuition and all other fees are recorded and collected from the time of contract signing to the duration of the payment plan.

  • Admin Billing Workflow - Learn how to manage financial responsibility, charges, credits, payments, splits, and more in the parent/payer records.

  • Parent Billing Workflow - Learn how your parents can view balances, payment history, make payments and receive notifications throughout the process.


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