"I have been able to streamline our enrollment process saving me time and saving our school money. The year we started using SchoolAdmin, we experienced a 20% increase in enrollment." - An Admissions Director at an Archdiocesan school.

Enrollment and Business Office staff need streamlined enrollment workflows for new and returning families, coupled with on-demand reports to monitor contract and checklist progress. A few features to facilitate these needs include:

  • Contract Management - Learn how to preview, generate and manage contract completion.

  • Fee Management and Reporting - Learn how to update fee amounts, view fee rules and run dynamic reports on all tuition and fees.

  • Custom Enrollment Reporting - Learn how to build custom enrollment reports for tuition and fee management, contract or checklist statuses, current family directories, and more!

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Finance and Accounting Onboarding Article


Contact Record Navigation

Contract Management

  • Contract Setup - Learn how to manage your Enrollment Contracts/Registration Forms from setup to parent submission.

  • Contract States - The different stages of the contract workflow and how they're displayed within the Parent Portal.

  • Contract Preview - Learn how to preview contracts to check all tuition and fees before and after contract generation.

  • Contract Generation and Regeneration - Learn how to generate and regenerate contracts individually and in bulk.

Enrollment Checklist and Communications

Checklist Management

  • Enrollment Checklist - Learn how to manage enrollment specific checklist items and best practices.

  • Checklist Settings (General) - Learn how to add, edit, and manage checklist items and their settings.

Enrollment Communications

Admin and Parent Workflows

Admin Workflow: New and Returning Student Enrollment

Parent Workflow: New and Returning Student Enrollment


Standard Reports

Custom Searches & Reports

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