Data Imports can be used to create brand new contacts (e.g. students or parents) in your SchoolAdmin system. This article will go over how to use provided import templates be used in your Create-type data imports.

If you want to update existing contacts through an import, click here to learn how.


How-To: Create a New Contact Import Template

The Create import option is used to create new contact entities within SchoolAdmin. The primary use of a Create import is to create a student contact, along with their parent(s) and household(s). The easiest way to create contacts in SchoolAdmin is to:

  1. Download the appropriate import template - use the Create Template if you are importing in-workflow contacts, or use the Prospect Template if you are importing Prospects.

    Please note: Both of these template files can be used as-is ONLY if running the import without duplicate matching. When using duplicate matching, please remove any of the External ID columns (e.g. CHILD.external_id, HOUSEHOLD1.external_id) before running the import or it will fail. Click here to learn more about duplicate matching on imports.

  2. Fill in the external_id column for each entity type you will be creating. Use a unique identifier, preferably an ID from an external system (e.g. your SIS). See the Import Standards section of this article for more information about External IDs.

  3. Fill in the matching information for each listed column. Do not enter 'dummy data', such as giving all of the parents the same name or all students the same household address.

  4. Add columns for any additional custom fields you want to import. The correct format for these additional custom field headers will always be: ENTITY.field_canonical_name. For example, if the canonical name of your field (as found under 'Settings' -> 'Fields & Data' -> 'Fields') is current_school, and you want to import that information for the student, your header would be CHILD.current_school. Click here for more information on creating headers.

  5. Save your file. Make sure to save as a Comma Separated Values (.csv) file before importing - do not save with the CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) option in Excel or your import will fail.

Once you have your file saved, you are ready to import it into the SchoolAdmin system. Click here to learn how to use the Import Data Tool!


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