How-To: Pay Now Option for Form Payments

If a parent completes a form fee or deposit payment using an offline method (e.g. paper check or a custom option defined by your school), they will see the option to "Pay Now" on the associated checklist item after submitting the form. Clicking the Pay Now button will take them back into the payment workflow and allow them to complete payment using any online payment method you have configured, such as credit card or electronic check.

This is a great option if the parent is no longer able to complete the offline payment method they previously chose and would prefer to make the payment online. The screenshot below shows how this will appear to families within the Parent Portal. In addition to the Pay Now button, the checklist item will display your custom parent explanation text, the parent's previously chosen payment method, and the help text "This item will complete upon receipt of payment, or click to pay online now."

Important Notes:

  • Parents are not required to use the "Pay Now" option. If they choose an offline payment method, you will still be able to manually complete the checklist item when it is received, and they will see it reflected on their checklist.

  • Pay Now will work for Contract Deposits, Application Fees, and Custom Form Fees.


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