Schools using payment processors integrated with SchoolAdmin can collect additional fees from families on AdHoc forms. For example, you might want to have parents complete an annual field trip permission form each year during the enrollment process, and have them pay an associated field trip fee upon submission of the form. This is possible to do in SchoolAdmin with some configuration work.

Please note: Custom fees are separate from the contract fees used in the Enrollment module. Click here to learn more about contract fees.

How-To: View & Set Up Custom Fees

Admins with financial permissions can view adhoc fees from 'Settings' -> 'Financial' -> 'Custom Form Fees' within your SchoolAdmin site.

Within this page, you can take the following actions:

  • Add new or edit existing fee groups, which are used to contain related sets of fees. For example, you might have a fee group called Activity Fees.

  • Add new or edit existing fee types, which are used to contain individual fee rules, to any existing groups. For example, you might have separate fee types for 'Football', 'Soccer', etc. within your Activity Fees fee group. The fee type name is what appears to parents when making the payment.

  • Edit the name, description, or amount of any existing individual fees.

  • Manage the active/inactive status of any existing individual fees.

  • Delete any existing fee groups, fee types, or individual fees.

  • Manage the accepted payment methods for any of your fee groups. Please note you must already have your payment gateway set up for the selected options

The following actions must be handled by SchoolAdmin Support:

  • Adding new individual fees within your fee types.

  • Editing the fee rules (i.e. Conditions) for any existing individual fees. Conditions determine who receives a fee; for example, if a certain group of students will have the fee waived or if there are differing amounts based on grade

If you need to reach out to the Support Team for any of the above actions, be sure to include details about the fee you want added or edited so that they can best assist you.

How-To: Set Up Associated Checklist Items

Once your custom fees have been created and configured, you can set up the needed checklist items to make them live for parents. Custom Fees must be tied to a form in order for parents to be able to pay through SchoolAdmin.

First, create a checklist item for the Online Form if you do not already have one.

Next, create a second checklist item with an Item Type of 'Custom Fee', then select the Fee Grouping and Associated Form from the drop-down menus under the Type heading.

Note that you select a Fee Grouping instead of a specific fee. This is because the system will automatically apply the appropriate fee(s) within that fee grouping based on the Conditions or rules that are configured on the Fee Management page.

When families log into the Parent Portal and open the associated Online Form, the last page will be the payment page and they must enter their payment information before the form can be submitted.

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