This article will explain how to use the Prospect List Page, as well as how to create a custom report of your prospects. To learn about how to add and manage Prospects in the SchoolAdmin system, click here.


How-To: Prospect List Page

The Prospects list page is found within the 'Admissions' tab -> 'Students in Admissions' -> 'Prospects'.

Within this page, you will see all of your Prospects, along with their expected entry grades and entry years. On this page, you can use bulk communication and bulk edit actions after selecting one or more prospects from the list.


Under the Communicate menu, you have access to the following actions:


Under the Edit menu, you have access to the following actions:

Adding to workflow will place the Prospect(s) into an Inquiry or Admissions status and populate a student checklist for them.

This action will require the Term, Grade, and Status to be filled out. Once these fields have been filled out, click the Add button.

To update the entry year or grade of Prospects, refer to the Prospect Searches section below.


How-To: Prospect Reports

Within Search & Reports, you can create a list of all Prospects, and update their entry grade, entry year, and prospect status. To get started, select the Contact Record Data (everything else) criteria. Since Prospects are not in workflow (i.e. do not have a status in the system), you will want to select the Role field and then select is Prospect.

Your results will display all Prospects for the term set at the top of the page. To see additional information, click on Change/Display Columns and scroll down to the 'Prospect' grouping. Click on the plus sign to view all fields and select the information you'd like to display.

Apply your changes and now you can sort each column on the report as needed. In addition, you can group your Prospects by any of these fields if you change the display to List with Grouping. Click here for more information.

Bulk Update Prospect Entry Year & Grade

To update the expected entry year or expected entry grade for your Prospects in bulk, select the prospects you would like to move in bulk from your search. Then, click on 'Edit' -> 'Update a Field' towards the upper right corner of the page.

In the drop-down menu, locate the field you want to update (e.g. Expected Entry Year). Set the desired value of the field, then click 'Next' and confirm your changes.


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