Merge fields, also known as tokens, can be used to pull dynamic information from contacts in the SchoolAdmin system into your templates. To learn more about the various uses for merge fields, click here.

Different merge field categories can be used in different Parent Portal Content pages. The Recipient category of merge fields should not be used in the Parent Portal Content pages.

Contact, School, and System Type Merge Fields Accepted

  • Thank You Pages (Inquiry, Application, and Contract)

  • Contact Communication Area

  • Dual Signature Instructions

School and System Type Merge Fields Accepted

  • Check Instructions (Application Fee, Custom Fee, and Deposit)

  • Custom Payment Instructions

  • Login Page Description

  • Portal Widget

No Merge Fields Accepted

  • Application Fee Instructions

  • Deposit Instructions



Merge fields can be added to a template through the Merge Field Picker or by typing/copying them directly into the body of the template. Learn more in our 'How to Pull in Dynamic Information' section here. Parent Portal Content pages can be edited from 'Settings' -> 'Portal' -> 'Parent Portal Content' and then clicking 'Edit' to the right of the template you want to make changes to.

To test your Parent Portal page, you will need to use a test student and go through the parent side in the portal. If a merge field is not populating data for a student, check that you have the right field name and that the student has a value set for that field on their contact record.

You will also want to make sure that you are using a merge field category that is accepted on that parent portal template. Reference the bullet points above for more information.


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