Permissions give your admins and users access to different components of the SchoolAdmin system. They can be configured by any System Admin. To learn more about how to configure Admin Accounts and permissions in general, click here.

The Secure permission is commonly used in conjunction with other permissions to further refine access to sensitive information.

Secure Permissions

The Secure permission option provides access to:

Search & Reports

  • Searching or displaying columns for field data that is grouped under the 'Secure' grouping.

Contact Record

  • Field data that is grouped under the 'Secure' grouping within the Personal tab.

  • Notes, Activities and Emails that either have no visibility permissions set within the Recent Activity section, or that have the 'Secure' visibility permission set.

Social Security Number Field

If your school needs to collect social security numbers for any contacts, it's important to understand some best practices for collecting such sensitive information, and how it's displayed in the system.

Best Practices

  • Only assign the social security number field to the "Secure" field grouping. Then, check everyone's permissions within Settings -> Portal -> Admin Portal Accounts so that only team members with the "Secure" permission checked off can view this information.

  • If this field is chosen to be displayed within the contact record (set from the fields page or the contact layout page), only the last 4 digits will display. IMPORTANT: The number is displayed in full on the PDF copy of the submitted form that collects this information.

  • We do not recommend marking the field as searchable within the fields page.

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