Permissions give your admins and users access to different components of the SchoolAdmin system. They can be configured by any System Admin. To learn more about how to configure Admin Accounts and permissions in general, click here.

The Financial permission is commonly used in conjunction with Enrollment permissions to further refine access to sensitive information.

Financial Permissions

The Financial permission option provides access to:


  • User notifications for submitted contracts. These will NOT be sent to admin accounts without financial permissions, even if the account has opted in to receive them.

List Pages

Search & Reports

  • Searching or displaying columns for field data that is grouped under the 'Tuition & Fees', 'Tuition Assistance', or 'Scholarship' grouping.

  • Bulk generating or downloading contracts.

Contact Record

  • Manage Contract quick actions (i.e. Generate/Regenerate, Preview, Delete).

  • Any submitted contracts under Form & Document Submission History.

  • Notes, Activities and Emails that either have no visibility permissions set within the Recent Activity section, or that have the 'Financial' visibility permission set.

  • Please note: Fields that are added to the Contact Widget section of the contact record will be display regardless of which permissions are set.


The Financial Settings pages include the following: Payment History, Line Items, Application Fee, Stripe Setup, Deposit, Contract Fees, Contract Fee Rules, Payment Plans, Billing Setup (Billing clients only), Billing Categories.


For clients using the Billing module in SchoolAdmin, the Financial permission option also provides access to:

  • Billing tab and associated list pages (Accounts, Ledger, Students, AR Aging Report) (Admin and System Admin roles ONLY).

  • Billing import tool (Admin and System Admin roles ONLY).

  • Billing tab on the contact record.

  • Ability to adjust financial splits.

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