When setting and managing Admin Portal Accounts, there are several options to grant permissions to users. This article covers how these permissions work in more detail. Enabling each of these permissions gives access to different components of the system. To learn how to set up Admin Portal Accounts, click here.

Please note the following important points regarding permissions:

Student Contact Records

Permissions do not hide access to student records in the system, but they do limit what data can be viewed within those records. For example, an admin without Enrollment permissions will not be able to see the Enrollment tab and list page, but through a search would be able to find students in enrollment statuses. However, within these records, enrollment-related field groupings and submitted/uploaded enrollment forms would be hidden.

Search & Reports

Search & Reports can still pull all contacts, regardless of permissions. However, certain field groupings and fields will be hidden to search on or add as columns based on the permissions set. For example, an admin without Enrollment permissions would not be able to search on any fields grouped under the Enrollment tab on a student record, nor would they be able to see these fields when selecting from the Change Display/Columns menu. Learn more about field groupings here.


Permission Types

For an overview on what each of the different permission options grants access to, please view the following articles:


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