In certain cases, you may want to link a parent directly to an online form on their student's checklist, instead of the entire checklist. For example, to complete a follow-up form. To achieve this, you can use Direct Form Link Merge Fields (tokens) in your SchoolAdmin emails.

These tokens will pull in a unique link to the form on the student's checklist. After clicking the link, families will need to log into their Parent Portal account, and then they will be taken directly to the first page of the form.

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To use these tokens in your SchoolAdmin emails, you will want to make sure you have the display name or canonical name of the form you would like to use. There are two ways you can insert the tokens:

Using Merge Field Picker

Select 'Contact' in the first box and 'Link to Form [Form Name]' in the second box. You can type into the second box to begin searching. Once you have selected the desired Direct Form Link token, click on 'Insert' to place it in the body of the email. Example:

Typing Directly into Email

If you have the canonical name of the form you want to link, you can type the merge field directly into the body of your email. All Direct Form Link tokens will take the form of: {{contact.link_to_form_[Canonical Name of Form]}}. For example, to link to this form:

You would type {{contact.link_to_form_intent_to_enroll}} into the body of your email.


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