Merge fields, also known as tokens, can be used to pull dynamic information from contacts in the SchoolAdmin system into your templates. To learn more about the various uses for merge fields, click here.

The following merge field categories can be used in Email Templates:

  • Contact: Information that’s related to or linked to the assigned contact (student).

  • Recipient: Information that’s related to the person receiving the email. This is most often the parent, but may also be consultants.

  • School: Information related to the school such as school name, school year, website, admissions contact information, etc.

  • System: Information related to current date formats.



Merge fields can be added to a template through the Merge Field Picker or by typing/copying them directly into the body of the template. Learn more in our 'How to Pull in Dynamic Information' section here.

It is always a best practice to double-check the body of the email on the preview email screen before sending it. If a merge field is not populating data for a student, check that you have the right field name and that the student has a value set for that field on their contact record.

Some additional considerations regarding the use of merge fields in emails:

Family-Based Emails
Using contact-type merge fields is not recommended for family-based emails. If they are used in a family-based email, the system will choose just one student's information to populate.

System Emails
Salutation merge fields cannot be used in the Inquiry Thank You Email that is automatically sent to the parent upon submitting an inquiry. In order to address Parent 1, use recipient merge fields. For example, you can use {{recipient.first_name}} to pull in the parent's first name.


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