A merge field incorporates data from a contact into emails, letters, labels, forms, parent portal, and contact record. In this way, you can create dynamic, personalized information.

Merge fields have category types that define how and where the information is generated from the system:  

  • Contact: Information that’s related to or linked to the assigned contact (student).

  • Recipient: Information that’s related to the person receiving the email.  This is most often the parent, but may also be consultants.

  • School: Information related to the school such as school name, school year, website, admissions contact information, etc.

  • System: Information related to current date formats.

  • Appointment: Information related to calendar appointments such as date, time, and contact details.

  • Calendar: This category is for the calendar name field used in templates created from calendar settings.

  • Recommend: Information related to online teacher recommendations, available in teacher recommendation templates only.

Explore the linked articles below for specific use cases and examples.

You can also download a quick reference sheet here.

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