Incorporating virtual meetings into SchoolAdmin can be done quickly and effectively. Watch this helpful video tutorial to learn how to accomplish this on your own! You can also use the example templates and workflow chart below to help you along the way.



Calendar Invite Template

This template can be added to your specific calendar email templates. Copy and paste into the appointment reminder and confirmation email. Feel free to add your own flair and branding!

Dear {{appointment.first_name}},

Thank you for registering to attend the {{school.long_name}} Virtual Tour on {{appointment.date}} from {{appointment.start_time}} to {{appointment.end_time}}.

We are so excited to tell you all about our school and answer any questions you may have!

This event is completely virtual, meaning you can log in and participate straight from your home computer. On the day of the event, all you will need to do is follow the instructions below to join:

  1. Follow this link: {{appointment.video_conferencing_link}}

  2. Call in using the number provided to be connected to audio

  3. (Optional) Turn on your video if you like!


You will receive a reminder one day before the event with these same instructions. If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please contact {{school.admissions_contact_name}} at {{school.admissions_phone}} or by emailing {{school.admissions_email}}. We look forward to seeing you soon!




Bulk Email / General Use Template

This template can be sent in bulk from a list page or in a one-off email to a prospective family. Copy and paste into a new email template under your communications tab. Feel free to add your own flair and branding!

Hi there {{recipient.first_name}},

In consideration of current events surrounding COVID-19 and social distancing, {{school.long_name}} has taken all non-essential meetings to an online platform.

Our EVENT NAME provides a deeper look at the various ways your student can get involved on campus at {{school.long_name}}. This event will be held on INSERT DATE AND TIME.

There are two ways to sign up!

If you would like to register to attend, please sign in to the {{school.long_name}} Parent Portal and schedule your appointment from the student checklist. If you have not yet started your application, you can also sign up by clicking here. (hyperlink your SchoolAdmin Parent Portal URL)


If you are not ready to apply to {{school.long_name}}, we still want you to take part in our EVENT NAME! Click here (hyperlink your calendar-specific public link) to sign up online through our public link!

We hope to see you there!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact {{school.admissions_contact_name}} by phone ({{school.admissions_phone}}) or email ({{school.admissions_email}}).





Optional Process Flows

The following chart shows an example workflow that you can use in building out your virtual event process.


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