The prepaid billing category will only apply to open billing categories that are due today or in the past, not future charges.

The prepaid billing category redistributes credits/payments to billing categories with positive charges every day.

If a charge is added after the prepayment has been made in the same day, the redistribution will occur the very next day.

  • Example: If there is a $100 payment made on 3/1 to an account that has a $50 balance for a late fee (which is on the account level, not student level) and then a $25 open balance in tuition for student_a, that payment would redistribute $50 to the late fee category, and $25 to the tuition category, with $25 remaining in the PP category for the next set of charges. Now a charge was added on 3/2 of $25 to student_a for book fees, on 3/2 that $25 in the prepaid category will redistribute to the student of $25 to book fees.

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