Within 'Settings' -> 'Communication' -> 'Email Templates', you can access all of the email templates available to use in the system. Some of these templates will be custom (that your school or our internal team here have created), while others will be system standard (that send out relating to various actions in the system). Both types of email templates are customizable.

How-To: Understand the Different Email Template Categories

On the Email Templates setup page, you can navigate between the different categories using the tabs underneath the Email Templates header on the page.

The available email template categories are as follows. Click any of the titles to learn more.

  • Custom Emails: Custom-created email templates by all users. Any time you choose to add a new email template, it will be created under Custom Emails.

  • System Emails: Email templates relating to the inquiry, application, and contract forms. This includes the submitted form thank you emails, dual signature email, and internal notification emails.

  • Billing Emails: Email templates related to the Billing process, such as account or payment notifications and the statement email. Please note: This category will only appear for schools using the Billing module.

The following actions can be performed on the email template pages:

  • Add a new email template. Please note: You can only add new email templates to the Custom Emails category.

  • Copy an email template. Use this option if you want to start a new template from an existing one, without overwriting the original. Please note: You can only copy email templates in the Custom Emails category.

  • Edit an existing email template (this includes custom templates you created and email templates that are automatically sent out by the system). Use this if you want to update the email content, add your school's branding, etc.

  • Delete an email template you're no longer using. This is an option for all custom emails and for certain system-wide emails across the remaining email tabs. Please note: This action cannot be undone. 

  • Revert to System Default - For system emails, this action will revert the template that was customized back to the default template. Please note: this action cannot be undone.

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