Email Template Categories

  • Custom Emails: A list of all custom created emails by all users.
  • Authentication Emails: A list of parent portal emails
  • Request Emails: A list of online teacher recommendation emails and document request emails. 
  • System Emails: A list of form thank you emails, dual signature email, and internal/admin account and notification emails.
  • Billing Emails: A list of billing related emails such as account and payment notifications, and the statement email.

You can perform the following actions for each template:

  • Add a new email template.
  • Edit an existing email template (this includes custom templates you created and email templates that are automatically sent out by the system).
  • Delete an email template you're no longer using.  This is an option for all custom emails and for certain system-wide emails across the remaining email tabs. Please note, this action cannot be undone. 
  • Revert to System Default - This action will revert a system email that was customized back to the default template.  Please note, this action cannot be undone. 
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