The template editor in SchoolAdmin can be used to customize the look and feel of your emails, letters, and even Parent Portal content pages. Learn more about how to format text, use code view, manage images, and more inside the template editor.


How-To: Format Text

In the top section of the toolbar, you have various text formatting options available to you. Hovering your cursor over any of the icons will display a descriptor of what that option does.

Any formatting option selected from this toolbar should be immediately visible in the preview. If you would like to clear any of your formatting, use the eraser button on the right. The image below shows examples of what you can do with the text formatting options.


How-To: Image Management

To add an image to your template, click on the Insert Image button on the toolbar. There are a few different options for adding the image:

  1. Upload from your computer - Drag and drop an image from your computer, or click to select the image from a folder on your computer. After inserting an image this way, the image will be uploaded to the SchoolAdmin File Manager to use in the future.

  2. By URL - If you already have the desired image hosted somewhere else on the web, you can input the URL here and click 'Insert' to add it to the template. For best results, ensure that it is a direct link to the image.

  3. Browse - Look for images that have previously been uploaded to your SchoolAdmin File Manager or to other templates. Move the cursor over the desired image and click the plus button to insert into the template.

Pre-formatting your images to a maximum size of 600px (width) is recommended for consistency across templates. The max height we suggest is 150px, though that varies based on use case. Once you have inserted your image, you will see a few different options for formatting. For more information, click here.


How-To: Code View

For more advanced editing options, click into Code View on any template to edit the content in HTML. 

Any changes made in the code view editor will not be applied until you preview them out of code view. Click on Preview Changes at the bottom of the template or click on the Code View icon again to preview your changes live.

Click here for more detailed information on what you can do with HTML.  Please note that HTML has limited support by most email clients so it is recommend to limit its use there.  


How-To: Pull in Dynamic Information

Use Merge Fields (also known as tokens) in your templates to pull in dynamic information - such as student names or academic interests - from your SchoolAdmin system. To easily pull these merge fields into a template, use the Merge Field Picker above the toolbar.

The first drop-down menu is the entity:

  • Contact - The assigned contact (student).

  • Recipient - The person receiving the communication; most often the parent.

  • School - Includes school-specific information, such as Contact Information.

  • System - Includes current date formats and Google Translate plugin.

Note: Email and letter templates will include all four of these entities. The Recipient entity cannot be used in web templates.

The second drop-down menu is the specific field to pull into the template. Fields are listed by their display name. To quickly find a desired field, you can begin typing into the box. Once you have selected the desired field, click on 'Insert' to place it in the body of the email.

Merge fields can also be typed or copied directly into the body of the template. All of them will take the form of: {{category.canonical_field_name}}. For example, if you wanted to pull the information in the field referral_method for the student, you could type in: {{contact.referral_method}}.


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