Most email clients do not support embedded video. However, using some of our best practices, you can still share a video with your prospective or current families through a SchoolAdmin email.



1 - Upload Video Online

To get started, upload the video you are using to a video hosting website such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Once your video has finished uploading, copy the direct video link that is provided.

2 - Capture Image

Next, you will want to have an image to display in the email template. This is what your families will click on to view your video. You can use an existing photo, or take a screenshot from the video you are using.

For instructions on taking a screenshot, see the following:

We recommend pre-sizing your image to 600px (length) x 100px (height) to avoid having to adjust it later. The max height we suggest is 150px.

3 - Create/Edit Email Template

Next, navigate to 'Settings' --> 'Communication' --> 'Email Templates' and click on 'Add a new Email Template'. If you have an existing email template you would like to add the video into, you can find it in the list and click on 'Edit'.

From the toolbar, you can drop in the image you created or select an existing uploaded image.

After inserting your image into the email template, click on it to bring up the image options. Click on 'Insert Link' and then paste the direct video link you copied in Step 1 into the URL box. 

You can also check 'Open in new tab' if you would like the video to open in a separate tab, instead of redirecting the parent/student. Click on 'Insert' to finish adding the link.

Customize the rest of the email template as you like. Just remember to hit 'Save' when you are finished.


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