• With the SchoolAdmin Billing module, parents have an option to enroll into Autopay for their payments.
  • If you prefer to have all parents enroll into Autopay to avoid late payments or delinquent accounts, you have the option to turn on ‘Require Autopay’ from your settings.
  • If you would like to disable the ability for parents to enroll into Autopay, you have this option in your settings as well.

Autopay Settings

To change the Autopay settings for your SchoolAdmin site, navigate to Settings → Financial → Billing Setup. From here, you will see the checkboxes for Require Autopay and Disable Autopay.

  • Require Autopay: Enabling this setting will require payers to enroll into autopay when making a payment. It will also turn on autopay for anyone who has saved a payment method in their account
  • Disable Autopay: Enabling this setting will remove the ability for a payer to enroll into autopay. It will also turn off autopay for anyone who currently has autopay enabled.

To enable either one of these settings, check the box and click ‘Save’. A window will pop up asking you to confirm your choice.

Any setting that you choose, you can always turn autopay on or off for a payer. To see these options, click on an account you want to change and click on their Billing submenu. If that payer has a saved payment method on their account, you can turn on autopay for that account. If they do not have a saved payment method, they won’t have autopay enabled, but it will force them to enroll next time they make a payment.

Clicking on ‘View Changes’ for either of these two settings will pull up an audit history, showing you exactly when the setting was activated or deactivated, and by which user on your site as shown below.

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