Within SchoolAdmin, contracts have a workflow comprised of different states as soon as new kids are moved into enrollment and when returning kids are rolled over.  Click here to learn more about the different contract states.  Before generating contracts, it's critical to do the following:

  • Review/update all tuition and fee amounts.  Click here to learn how. 
  • Review the list of 'term based' fields so you know which fields clear out automatically on a year over year basis. 
  • Clear out any 'non-term based fields' that drive tuition and fees in bulk, such as custom scholarship and financial aid fields. Click here to learn how. 
  • Confirm that all amounts driven by business rules are populating for the right students (contract fee rules).  Click here to learn more. 
  • Identify if you need any 'required contract fields' that are set at the time of contract generation such as deposit/contract due dates. Learn more below. 
  • Confirm that you have 'enrollment enabled' in the Parent Portal if you want contracts and the Enrollment Checklist to be accessible by families.  Otherwise, you can disable enrollment while you preview and update contracts, which means enrolling families lose access to their contract and to the enrollment checklist. Even if you generate contracts with this option turned off, parents will not be able to view anything until you enable enrollment access.

Contracts start in a status of 'pending,' which allows you to preview all tuition and fee amounts before they're available in the parent portal.  Click here to learn more about contract preview.  Once contracts have been previewed to test tuition and fee amounts and rules, you can generate them individually or in bulk so that they're available in the Parent Portal.  Once contracts are generated, you'll send an enrollment email with instructions for logging in, authentication, and any additional steps needed for your enrollment process. 

Bulk Contract Generation

In most cases, you'll generate contracts in bulk for both new and returning students.  However, you can always generate contracts individually within the student's record.  

To generate contracts in bulk, navigate to the Enrollment Tab.  When generating contracts in bulk, you only want to generate 'pending' contracts.  If you have a mix of contract states such as 'in progress' or 'pending payment,' you should set filter options for 'pending' contracts to avoid regenerating contracts that have already been started.  You may also set the enrollment type or status if needed.  Some schools generate contracts in different batches based on a set list of criteria such as grade level, domestic vs international, etc.  If this is the case for your school, set filter options for these criteria accordingly.  Otherwise, if you only rolled over your returning students so far, filter options may not be necessary. *Make sure to generate contracts for all pages of contacts by repeating these steps.

Generate Contracts

If you applied filter options, click 'Apply Filters.'  Select all contacts in bulk by marking the checkbox at the top of the contact list.  Click on the Edit Menu-->Generate Contracts.  

A dialogue box will display with some important bullet points to review as shown below, prior to contract generation.  If any contracts have a status of 'submitted,' you will be notified what contacts have these contracts and that they will not be regenerated.

  • Note: If you need to regenerate any submitted contracts at any point, you can regenerate them on an individual basis within the 'manage contract' menu in the student record.  

For any contracts that have a status of 'generated' or 'in progress,' you will see a list of contacts and be notified that their contracts will be regenerated. Click here to learn about contract states and regeneration rules as only certain contract states require regeneration when fees or fee rules are changed. 

Click 'Next' to complete the process and type in the word 'GENERATE.'  Then click the 'Submit' button.  As explained, the process will take a few minutes to complete.  All pending contracts will then update to a status of 'generated' and will be available within the Parent Portal, unless your enrollment is disabled in the Parent Portal.

Once contracts are generated in bulk, you can send your Enrollment email in bulk.

Required Contract Fields

When generating contracts, you may have certain fields that need custom values within your contract language that vary year to year.  To ensure you don't forget to update these important details prior to contract generation, SchoolAdmin Support can set them as 'required contract fields' on the back-end of the system.  Once they're setup, you'll be asked to fill out a field value for each of them within the 'generate contracts' modal.    

Some examples include:

  • A deposit or contract due date field that varies based on the date you generate contracts. 
  • Program selections for certain grade levels. 

If you have a list of required fields that need to be set PRIOR to contract generation, submit this list to SchoolAdmin Support so we can set them up for you.  When generating contracts individually or in bulk, the system will notify you what required field(s) need to be filled out before your proceed with contract generation, as displayed in the example below.  Once these values are set (if applicable to your process), type the word 'GENERATE' to confirm you have verified the contract is ready. Then click the 'Submit' button. 

A message will display at the top of the page letting you know it will take a few minutes for contracts to generate.

This action lets you preview the student’s full contract, including all tuition and fee amounts so you can ensure all amounts are accounted for correctly.  Click here to learn more about Contract Preview. 

Individual Contract Generation

Within the student record, you can generate contracts individually within the 'Manage Contract' action button.  This menu appears once a contact enters an enrollment status.  First preview the contract in full and then generate it after all fees and language have been confirmed.  

Generating the contract will be the same process as when generating contracts in bulk, as explained above.  After you generate the contract, you have more options available within the manage contract menu, as shown below:

  • Preview Tuition & Fees: This action is only available after the contract has been generated.  It will display a summary of all tuition and fees included on the contract, and not the contract language that you see in the 'Preview Contract' option.
  • Regenerate Contract: Certain contract states require regeneration for changes to be applied. Read below to learn more. 
  • Delete Contract: This action deletes the contract and you cannot restore it. You'll be prompted with a confirmation message before this action takes place. 

Regenerating Contracts

If you need to make changes to a contract, only certain contract states require regeneration for changes to apply.  Once a contract is regenerated, the parent/guardian will need to start over.  

  • Pending, Generated, and In Progress contract states DO NOT require regeneration if you need to update a fee or fee rule, add or remove a fee or fee rule, add a value to a custom field or to a required contract field. All of these changes will update automatically once the parent goes back into the contract or once you view the contract as an Admin.  A general message will display at the top of the contract to notify the parent/guardian that changes have been made.
  • Pending Signature (dual signature schools only), pending deposit, and submitted DO require generation if you need to update a fee or fee rule, add or remove a fee or fee rule, add a custom value to a custom field or to a required contract field. 
  • NOTE: If a contract was generated for the wrong term, then regeneration is required no matter what the contract state is. 

You’ll be prompted with a confirmation message before this action takes place with some important points to review.  Then click 'Next.' 

Once you're ready to proceed with contract regeneration, you'll need to type in the word  'REGENERATE' and then click 'submit' to proceed.

Now both you and the parent can view and access the updated contract.  The status will return to 'generated' if it was further along in the contract cycle.

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