As you prepare for the upcoming enrollment season, you'll need to activate the new school year/term within SchoolAdmin so you can enroll your upcoming class.  

Important Note about Term-Based Fields
Before activating the new enrollment year, please review the list of term-based fields, which hold unique sets of data for each academic year. These fields will be cleared ONLY for the new enrollment year once it is activated, but data from previous years will still be maintained.

Important Note about Contract Fees
Any fields outside of the term-based field list that drive tuition and fees, checklist items, etc are non-term based fields and will require a manual reset each year. This includes your contract fees which can be viewed and updated here.

Enrollment Setup

To get started, navigate to Settings-->Fields & Data-->Enrollment Settings.  

You'll see the following columns:

  • School Year: This will include past, current and future school years that are/have been setup in your site.  New and future school years can be setup with your Terms settings page

  • Enrollment Year Created?: A value of 'YES' will display for all years that were active at any point in time. A value of 'NO (set up this year)' will display for all inactive years.

  • Enrollment Status: A status of 'retired' will display for all years that were active at one point in time. A status of 'active' will display for the year that's currently set for your enrollment cycle.  Only one year can be active at a time.  This behavior will happen by default once you activate a new year, there-by retiring the previous year. 

Click on 'set up this year' next to the enrollment year you'd like to create.  You'll see a 'Setting Up (reload to check status)' message.  Click on 'reload.' 

Now that a 'Yes' value displays in the 'enrollment year created?' column, you can click on 'activate' in the 'enrollment status' column as shown below.

You'll see an 'activating (reload to check status)' message as shown below.  Click on 'reload.'

Your current enrollment year is now active and ready to go!  

Contract Settings

Under 'Contract Settings,' you can edit the following:

  • Contract Name: The name of the contract/registration form displays in the top left corner of each page as shown below.

  • Deposit Name: The name of the deposit (registration fee in our example) displays on the tuition and fees page under the 'Totals Summary.' 

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