Within the Billing Tab-->Ledger, you can manage the billing amounts for each payer account associated with each student.  This report lists all contractual fees and  incidental charges or credits that have been made.  Schools can easily search on this information by date ranges. 

Date Range Drop-Down Menu

Located in the top left, this is where you can select the date or range of dates you wish to look at from the drop-down menu. 

If you select the 'custom' option, you can set the start and end date for a customized date range.

Export to CSV

The 'Export to CSV' button is in the upper right.  This report will export all displayed columns as well as all student ID fields.  Depending on your setup, this may include the FACTS id, Blackbaud API id, your "school name" id, etc. 

This export will also include all billing category codes that have been set up here.

There will be a "Total" row which sums up the charges and credits below for the the respective ledger transactions.

Filter Options

Within 'Filter Options,' you can search on the following criteria:

  • Term

  • Type of line item: charge, credit or payment

  • Billing category

  • Payment method

  • Account First Name and/or Last Name

Set your desired criteria and click 'Apply Filters.'

Displayed Columns

  • Posted Date: The date that the charge or credit was posted.

  • Student Name: The name of the student associated to that line item.

  • Term: The term of the child for that line item.

  • Associated Account: The payer account that's associated with the charge/credit.

  • Amount: The amount of the financial line item.

  • Description: A description of the line item.

  • Category: Diplays the Billing Category assigned to each line item.

  • Type: Indicates if the amount is a charge or a credit.

  • Payment Method: Displays the method of payment.

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