Schools can manage most changes to their online process - on the fly or with the help of our online Help Center and Support Team - such as creating new checklist items, editing forms, customizing emails, creating automated communication plans, and more. To keep your process simplified and without concern for error, there are a few items that must be managed by a SchoolAdmin Support Representative due to complexity.  Please reach out to a member of our Support Team if you need any of the following admissions, enrollment, financial, field, or integration updates!

Click here to learn how to contact the Support Team and learn about Best Practices for any change requests.

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  • Custom business rules for checklist items (anything other than grade level or enrollment type).

  • Custom business rules within email templates to show/hide different content.

  • Custom business rules to show/hide different content in the 'Contact Communication Area' template within the Parent Portal.

  • Adding or editing name title and suffix options.

  • Creating duplicates of Admissions forms such as custom admissions or appointment forms, recommendation forms, and document request forms.

  • See the 'Financial' section below for more.


  • Custom business rules to show/hide different contract language within a comment box on the Contract.

  • Setting required contract fields (i.e. fields that need a value set prior to generating the contract, such as the deposit due date).

  • Creating duplicates of Enrollment forms such as custom enrollment or appointment forms.

  • See the 'Financial' section below for more.


  • Application Fee Rules - waiver code additions or changes.

  • Payment Types and their display name on forms.

  • Custom Submit Button text for each payment type.

  • Creating or updating Custom Fees for Custom Admissions or Enrollment Forms.

  • Creating or updating Fee Groups, Non-Fee Billing Categories, and/or Contract Fee Rules.

  • Parent Pay Fee changes (Billing Module).

Convenience Fees

  • Application of convenience fees, to the deposit, application fee, ad-hoc form fees, or billing.

  • Setting fee rates in a dollar amount and in a percentage.¬†

  • Setting fee description and confirmation message to show on payment screens.

Fields & Data

  • Adding and/or removing field values/options (most often used for boolean fields, single-select fields, boolean list. and text fields).

  • Creating any new fields.

  • Enabling, disabling, or updating the format for Data Scrubbing.

  • Adding or removing custom filter options.

  • Deleting records in bulk.

  • Merging for records not found in Duplicate Contact Matching.

  • Configuring and managing ID Fields.


  • SSAT Test Score / SAO Integration Configuration including the checklist item mapping.

  • PowerSchool and Blackbaud Integration Configurations.

  • PowerSchool, Blackbaud, and other SIS Export File Configurations.

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