SAO API Integration

  • Creates applicant student in SchoolAdmin with basic demographic information from SAO

  • Imports the SAO portfolio data in PDF form, including application, supplemental forms, recommendations, and test scores which can all be mapped to corresponding checklist items in SchoolAdmin.

  • Portfolio PDF will update automatically as student and family submits additional information.  

  • Test score data for students that applied through SAO will automatically populate the student’s contact record with their scores.  *Important: If a student applied through SchoolAdmin and took the test separately, SchoolAdmin will compare the list of students that released their scores to the school with existing contacts in the system and identify any potential matches.


  • The majority of data on the SAO PDF is not automatically written through to the database and only remains viewable on the PDF.

  • The application source is captured so schools can track and report SAO applications separately from direct applicants.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Data dictionary for field mappings

  • Provide API keys

SchoolAdmin Responsibilities

  • Configure integration

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