The SchoolAdmin to FACTS integration allows tuition and fees agreed to by the parent as part of the contract process to be passed automatically to FACTS. Parents can then complete the FACTS tuition management sign-up and confirmation process and have completion of that step tracked in SchoolAdmin.

Parent Process

Parent completes the online Enrollment Contract/Registration information through SchoolAdmin

  • Tuition and fees are included in this contract

Parents click the FACTS button on their SchoolAdmin Enrollment checklist

  • They can use their existing username and password or create a new account if they are a first time user

Once logged in to FACTS, the fees will pass over from SchoolAdmin to FACTS

  • Included: tuition, required fees, optional fees, and discounts — No need to upload a file on the front-end anymore

  • Grades and Fees will be mapped between SchoolAdmin and the FACTS institution account as part of the integration setup

  • Fees can include both Scholarship amounts and Financial Aid

Parents will select their payment plan and finalize the agreement. The school will not need to manually finalize agreements.

Once completed in FACTS, the SchoolAdmin checklist item is marked complete

The school can not use Electronic Re-Enrollment within FACTS

  • All returning students will need to pick a new payment plan instead of it rolling over from last year

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