If your school has recurring data reporting needs which require heavy manipulation of data, or if other specific requirements are required by your third-party system, a custom data export can be an efficient way to meet these needs.


Data Export to SIS & 3rd Party Systems

Exports to Student Information Systems (SIS), fundraising systems, and other 3rd-party systems.

Projects Include

  • Project setup and consultation.

  • Data mapping to 3rd-party system requirements (data transformation & data normalization). Example: Transform student ethnicity (as captured on an enrollment form in a human-readable text) to SIS-specific codes used for state reporting.

  • ID sync between systems.

Export Types

  • Common exports include: Blackbaud Education Edge, Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge, Veracross, Senior Systems, Rediker, PCR, PowerSchool, Inresonance, Alma, Schoolmaster, Skyward, Magnus, Infinite Campus, FileMaker Pro, Aeries.

  • We can prepare a custom export for any system that accepts .CSV file imports.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Completion of data dictionary for mapping and transformations of data. Must include valid value lists and required formats.

  • Validation of exported data prior to importing into 3rd-party system.

  • Final import into 3rd-party system.

  • Additional responsibilities may be defined on a per-project basis.

SchoolAdmin Responsibilities

  • Project management and preparation of custom export.

  • Standard custom data export service level agreement from receipt of final requirements: 6 to 8 weeks.


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