Historical status import covers data necessary for historical funnel reporting

Data included in standard historical status import includes:

  • Up to five years of historical statuses

  • Student names (required)

  • Student grades and ending status or each year (required)

  • Transition date for funnel stages (optional)

  • Without transition date, funnel numbers will be accurate but some date-based reports and searches will not work as designed.

  • Up to 10 data fields used for drill-down filters and reporting (optional). Examples: International Student, Day / Boarding, Gender, Previous School

Data NOT included in standard historical status import

Demographic data (for example, parent, sibling, household data, or non-status historical data for contacts)

  • SchoolAdmin can provide additional import support as a custom import service

Customer Responsibilities

  • Data provided in required format as outlined in provided template

  • Accuracy and consistency of existing data

  • All data normalization and transformations necessary to meet import requirements

SchoolAdmin Responsibilities

  • Project management

  • Training on using self-service import tools for future updates

  • Creation of quarantine file for records not meeting validation requirements (for example, students missing grades)

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