Many schools that accept international kids work with consultants or agents.  These contacts are supported within SchoolAdmin so they can assist families with their Admissions process from beginning to end.  

Add a Consultant

To add a consultant relationship to existing contacts in your site, click on the 'Quick Action (+)' menu in the upper right by your name and select 'Add Prospect or Consultant.

Type the name of the consultant and press 'Enter' as instructed. The system will search for potential duplicate records.  

When no matches are found, set the 'Contact Role' to 'Consultant' and add a phone number.  Then click on 'Add contact.'  

The consultant will now have a record in the system and is considered an "out of workflow" contact since they are not part of the Admissions Funnel.  You can create relationships with consultee's within the contact record.  Click on the 'View' link upon contact creation or look up the Consultant by name in the quick search bar in the upper right of your site to start the relationship process. 

Tie a Consultant to a Kid's (Consultee's) Record

To create a relationship between a Consultant and a Consultee, you can create this under the 'Related Contacts' section of the Consultant's record.  Please note, you can also create a relationship in the kid's record within the same section. 

Type in the name of the kid/consultee and press 'Enter' to search for matching records.

Once the contact is found, select the 'Use this contact & link to the current record' option.  Then set the relationship as 'Consultee' and hit the check mark to save it.  NOTE: If you set a relationship to a consultant within a kid's record, you'll search for the consultant's name and set the relationship as 'Consultant,' respectively.

The relationship will be set and the contact records will be tied together as shown below.  

Consultant Communications

When sending an email either individually within a kid's record or in bulk via a list page or search, you can send communications to 'Consultants of selected contacts.'

Parent Portal Access

Consultants can have Parent Portal access in the same way as a parent/guardian.  If they filled out the application form, they will be authenticated automatically to that child/consultee's checklist in the Parent Portal.  Otherwise, you can manage authentication within the 'Portal Accounts' page of the child/consultee's record by clicking on the icon displayed below. 

Portal Access can be managed within the 'Portal Accounts' page.  Consultants can be authenticated from here and given portal access so they can assist with completion of checklist items.  Financial responsibility can be toggled to 'no' for Consultants if you need to prevent access to contracts/registration forms.  

  • Click here to learn more on authentication.  
  • Click here to learn more about financial responsibility.  

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