First make sure that SchoolAdmin Billing has been properly setup and configured with your payment plans, payment plan schedules, Stripe account, customized billing emails and billing statements, and more.  Click here to learn how.

Student Record

Billing Tab

Within the student record, there's a Billing tab that lists all financially responsible parents/guardians and/or shared account holders. You can add/remove shared access for additional contacts for each financially responsible contact.

Within this tab, you'll also see and manage the following:

  • Financial Responsibility: There's hyperlinked text under the Billing Accounts header that says "Click here to assign or change financial responsibility for this student." Clicking on this text will open the portal accounts tab of the student record so that you can manage financial responsibility and financial splits. All financial split (%) amounts will display above the table and each contact name can be clicked on to open their contact record for billing management.

  • Add/Remove Shared Access: You can add or remove shared access to any related contact.

  • Contact Column: Clicking on the billing account name will open their record for billing management.

  • Notifications: Toggle billing communications to on or off for each billing account and shared access account. Continue reading for more information.

  • View Changes: Clicking on the column header will show you an audit log of changes to shared access and billing notifications. You can also remove access within this column as explained in more detail below.

Add an Additional Contact for Shared Access

To add an additional contact and manage shared access to a financially responsible payer's billing management, click on 'add additional contact'.

  • Select the contact name from the drop down. Please note, all related contacts are available on the drop down menu. If you do not see the name of the contact you're looking for, learn how to add an additional contact here.

  • Next, click on the checkmark to save and set the shared access.

  • To manage email notifications, set the notifications toggle accordingly as explained near the top of the article.

Billing Notifications/Communications

  • All billing email communications will be sent to the billing account or shared access account when toggled 'on' and all billing notifications will be halted when toggled 'off' and greyed out. IMPORTANT: The contact must have an associated email address in order to be added successfully. If the contact does not have an associated email address, you will receive an error. To add an email address to the contact, navigate to the contact's record and enter it under their name in the upper right.

  • Click here to learn what communications are sent automatically and when.

  • IMPORTANT: Billing notifications can only be managed by an Admin/User, and not by the parent within the Parent Portal.

Remove/Revoke Shared Access

If you need to remove or revoke shared access, click on the 'x' next to the contact you'd like to remove. You'll be asked to confirm this change before it takes place.

How to Add an Additional Contact

If you need to add an additional contact for either financial responsibility or shared access, you can do so from the 'Summary' tab in the student's record.

Next, scroll down to the 'related contacts' section below the checklist along the left and click on the green '+' sign. Click here to learn how to add/edit the details of a related contact.

PRO TIP: Parents are unable to create new related contacts that aren't already listed on the child's record in the Admin Portal. If you'd like parents to add new contacts on their own, we recommend an optional form be added to the checklist to collect contact information for shared billing access. You can then setup an automated communication plan based off this checklist item being marked complete that will provide instructions to your families on how they can add or remove shared contacts to their account. You can link them to the Parent Portal help center and direct them to the 'Billing' section near the bottom of the page for shared access instructions.

  • Contract Access: If you need the related contact to view the contract, make sure you set the relationship to 'Guardian.' If they have a different relationship type such as aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc, then they won't be able to view the contract, but you can still grant them access to the Billing Management tab.

Financial Responsibility and Financial Splits

Financial responsibility and financial splits can be managed within the portal accounts page of a kid's record via the computer icon in the upper right of the navigation bar.

Within this page, you can toggle between 'yes' and 'no' to set financial responsibility for each parent/guardian.  Please note, financial responsibility has a default value of 'yes' for each parent/guardian.  When this feature is turned off for a contact, they won't be able to make payments or access the contract.  They also won't receive any emails that are sent to 'financially responsible' contacts. 

Next to the financial responsibility column is where you can define the financial split in a percentage amount.  For any split amounts, the total must equal 100 to save it.  

  • Click here for an overview and best practices of financial responsibility 

  • Click here to learn how to set financial responsibility and financial splits.

Manual Deposit Capture/Edits

If you need to add a manual deposit (such as capturing a paper check option) or edit existing deposit details, you can do so in the Student record within the Enrollment checklist.  The amount, payment method and date the checklist item was marked complete will display if the payment was already collected during the time of contract signing, or during a manual payment capture.  Click on the pencil to add a first time payment or to edit these details for an existing payment. 

The 'Manual Payment' window will open. Here you can set/edit the following:

  • Amount of the deposit

  • Payment Method

  • Add an optional description of the payment

  • Choose the contact whose billing account this charge should appear under

  • Date the payment was made.  This date will be reflected in the Ledger.

  • Then click 'Submit.'

IMPORTANT: Deposits added to and paid via the checklist will automatically post to the billing ledger as a charge and as a payment.  

Parent Records (Payer records)


Billing is managed off of the parent/payer records that have the 'financial responsibility' tag set to 'yes' AND have a 'financial split' amount. You can access their accounts by clicking on their name in the child's record or by typing their name in the quick search bar at the top of your site.  Within the parent/guardian record, click on the 'Billing' tab in the navigation bar.

Within the Billing tab you have the following sub-tabs:

  • Overview

  • Ledger

  • Balances

  • Audits

Overview Tab and Custom Billing Day

Within the Overview tab, you can see the current balance of the payer and their billing day.  The global billing day that you have set will be assigned to each payer by default. However, if you need to set a custom billing day per payer, you can select any day up until the 28th of the month (because of February) from the drop down menu.  

Important Behaviors of a Custom Billing Day

  • A custom billing day will override the global billing and will determine the auto-draft date for payers enrolled in auto-pay.  

  • Billing Statements will always be sent according to the global billing day (sent 10 days prior to this day) because charges from a contract can apply to multiple parents, who may have different billing days.  Click here to learn more about billing communications. 

Ledger Tab

Within the Ledger tab you can view all line items for contract fees and any manually added charges, credits, or payments. click on the arrow to the left of the line item date to expand the charge/credit details.   

Within this tab, you'll see the following columns:

  • Date: The date the charge/credit was posted.

  • Description: The description you gave the charge or credit.  If the parent/payer made a payment through the parent portal (autopay or manual) there will be a link to that payment as displayed below in our 'SchoolAdmin Billing Payment' example.  

  • Type/Category: The type of fee and the Billing Category.

  • Amount: The amount charged or credited for each billing type/category listed.

  • Current Balance: The current balance that's due.

Clicking on this link will open the Payment History page filtered by the corresponding Order Id/Transaction Reference. 

Within this page, you can see the following
Type/Category: Indicates if the amount was a charge or a credit.  The associated billing category will also display. 

Amount: The amount of the charge/credit.

Current Balance: The current balance that's remaining and still owed. 

Edit Action: Click here to edit all details of that ledger line item including the date, description, category, student name and amount. 

Delete Action: This option will display only if the line item was created by the Admin.  Please note, any line items posted by the system cannot be deleted.  A credit will need to be applied by the Admin should any amounts no longer apply.  An example is in the case of a mid-year withdrawal, where you would like to waive the remaining or partial amount of the tuition, based on the agreement at your school.

Ledger Tab Action Buttons

Within the Billing tab of a parent/payer record-->Ledger, you can perform the actions as described below:

Add Charge

Click here to add a charge/fee that the parent/guardian is responsible for.  If you need this charge/fee to be split amongst payers, you can do so manually and assign the divided amount to each payer.  Within the 'charge details' window, you'll set the date of the charge, a description of what the charge is for, the billing category, the student, and the dollar amount.  Click 'save' and the charge will be applied during the next billing cycle and it will display in the billing statement.  

Add Credit

Click here to add a credit to the parent/guardian's account. If you need this credit to be split amongst payers, you can do so manually and assign the divided amount to each payer.  Within the 'credit details' window, you'll set the date of the credit, the description of what the credit is for, the billing category, the student, and the dollar amount.  Click 'save' and the credit will be applied during the next billing cycle and it will display in the billing statement.  

Add Payment

Click on the 'Add Payment' button to add an ad-hoc payment amount or additional payment amount at any point in the billing cycle such as paper check payments, early payments (before a charge is posted), additional payments, an ad-hoc book fee, etc. Click here to learn how to record this in Stripe.
For payers that submit the deposit/registration fee via paper check, this needs to be managed within the corresponding deposit checklist item in the child's record. The 'Add Payment' button won't record the deposit as paid.  Instead, it will add the payment as a credit to the tuition, and the deposit amount will still remain open. Click here to learn how to manage the deposit/registration fee within the student's enrollment checklist.  
Within the 'payment details' window you'll set the date of the payment, the description, billing category, the contact that the payment should be applied to and the amount of the payment.  If you need to split the payment amount across multiple kids, you can click on 'add split' and set the amount, billing category and child's name.  Click 'save.'  

IMPORTANT: The payment amount will be reflected in the next billing cycle and it will also display in the billing statement that's sent automatically.  

View Statement

Click this button to view the statement as of today.  This is the billing statement that will go out during the next billing cycle, pending any credits, charges, or payments that are applied prior to the next billing date.

Send Statement

Click this button to send the billing statement to the account owner to notify them of any recent credits, charges and/or payments. The email template that goes out is called 'Updated Billing Statement' within Settings-->Communications-->Email Templates-->Billing.  Click 'send' and this email will be recorded in the 'sent emails' page and in the student record. This will not affect the automated billing statement that goes out each month.  

Balances Tab

The 'Balances' tab shows the billing category, student name and balance amount for all line items per payer account.  This page also displays the total balance amount due.  

Audits Tab

The 'Audits' tab shows a collection of all pre-posted (future payments) AND current charges, credits and changes that are recorded on the Ledger.  This includes both automated and manual charges/payments/adjustments. 

IMPORTANT: Within this tab you can see the following columns:

  • Date: The date the charge/credit/adjustment was made. 

  • Description: The description of the financial line item.

  • Type/Category: Indicates the Billing Type/Category.

  • Amount: The amount of the charge/credit/adjustment

  • Created On: The date a charge/credit/adjustment was created

  • Created By: For all pre-posted amounts, this column will display the email address of the parent/guardian that submits the contract. Manual payments will display the email address of the payer. For any changes made to the account, the email address of of the Admin that made those changes will display. A payment made via autopay will have no email address displayed.

  • Deleted On: The date a financial line item was deleted in the Ledger.  IMPORTANT: If you delete a financial line item in the 'Ledger' tab, the old line item will be removed from the ledger, but it will show up as a deleted item in the 'Audits' tab.  If you modify a financial line item, the old item will be deleted from the Ledger and be recorded as deleted in the 'Audits' tab, and the modified financial line item will display in the Audits tab and in the Ledger. 

  • Deleted By: The name of the user that deleted the financial line item from the Ledger. 



Credit Card refunds can be issued in full or as a custom partial amount, but there are no partial refunds for bank accounts.  IMPORTANT: The refund will automatically transfer back to SchoolAdmin.  See below for how refunds work within Stripe:

  • If the original payment went through a currency conversion, the refunded amount is converted back using the same process. 

  • There are no fees to refund a charge.

  • Any fees that were incurred during the payment will not be returned. 

  • Refund requests are submitted immediately to the payer's bank or card issuer and the credit will appear within 5-10 business days, depending on the bank.

  • Once issued, refunds cannot be cancelled.

  • Refunds can only be returned to the original payment method.

  • Click here to learn more about how refunds are handled. 


Refund Communications

An email will be automatically sent to the payer from Stripe as long as the payer is setup as a customer with a valid email address within Stripe, and as long as you have this email notification turned on. Click here for your email receipt options. 


How to Issue a Refund

Within your Stripe Dashboard, click on the 'Payments' link along the far left.  Then click on the 3 dots to the far right of the payment you'd like to issue a full or partial refund for as displayed below.  Next, select 'Refund payment.'

Within the refund details screen you can either refund the full amount or overwrite it to set a custom partial refund.  

Next, select a reason for the refund from the drop-down menu and then click on the 'refund' button.


How to Make a Refund Adjustment within SchoolAdmin

You can click on the 'add a credit' button within the payer's (parent/guardian) record as explained earlier in this article. 

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