The Billing List Pages are where you can see all billing accounts by student name, current balances, and autopay details.  Click on the 'Billing' tab to manage the following:

  • Accounts Page: Manage all billing accounts by parent/payer.
  • Ledger: Provides a record of each financial transaction and any upcoming amounts that will be due. 
  • Students Page: Manage all billing accounts by student.
  • AR Aging Report: Manage all accounts that are/have been overdue for payment.
  • Payout Report: Manage reconciliation reporting for electronic payments.
  • Import: This page is used to import a .csv file of ancillary transactions such as charges, credits, or payments. Ex. book fees collected by a school librarian that are sent to the business office to record.

Additional Resources

  • Click here to learn about payment plans.
  • Click here to learn how to manage parent billing accounts, payments, balances, and more. 
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