Non term-based fields, which includes any custom enrollment fields that were created for your process and any fields not listed as 'term-based,' will NOT clear out automatically each year.  This means each school will need to manually clear out and/or reset the values of these fields year over year after rollover and prior to contract generation as they drive tuition and fees, checklist items, etc. 

Clearing out non term-based fields is a step in your Enrollment Refresh Process tracker located in Settings-->General-->Enrollment Refresh Process.  

How to Set Required Fields for Contract Generation

Within your contract terms, you may have certain pieces of information that vary year over year or that change based upon the timing of contract generation.  Some common examples include contract due date and/or deposit due date.  If this is the case for your school, the process is as follows:

  • Contact SchoolAdmin Support to request new custom fields if they don't already exist in your site.  Once these fields have been created, or for any existing fields, a Support Specialist can simply mark the fields of your choice as required on the back-end. We can set up to 9 fields as 'required' during the contract generation process.
  • These custom fields will be added to your contract language as dynamic merge fields, according to the contract terms and language you provide to Support.
  • Once you generate contracts in bulk or individually, you'll see the 'confirm contract generation' dialogue box.  You'll be asked to set the value of any required fields such as 'deposit due date' prior to contract generation as shown below.  This value will display within the contract terms where the merge token has been placed. 

Non Term-Based Field Examples

Some examples of non term-based fields that you will need to review for reset include but are not limited to:

  • Intent to Enroll: The value of this field will remain year over year unless cleared out.  This field typically drives checklist items to be hidden or displayed, as well as some communication plans, so it's important to clear out the value each year.  
  • Custom Financial Aid and Scholarship Fields: We provide one standard financial aid amount and scholarship amount field in each site.  Any custom fields for financial aid/tuition assistance and scholarships will need to be reset each year.
  • Transportation Fees: If you collect information on how the students will commute to your school (e.g. school bus, drop-off, or walk), you may want to clear this field out as it could drive contract fees or checklist items.
  • Activity Fees: If you collect fees for academic clubs/interests, or athletics, these could change year over year based on student interest and/or fee changes.
  • T-shirt Fees/Field Trip Fees
  • Any other custom ad-hoc fees that you include on your contract should be reviewed.

How to Clear Out/Update Fields

  • After you perform rollover for your returning students, they will move to the Enrollment List Page-->Students in Enrollment page.  
  • If you need to apply filter options, please do so.  
  • If you have any non-term based fields already set as 'required' for clearing out, you will be prompted once you generate contracts.  See the 'setting required fields for reset' section above.  Otherwise, you can select your contacts in bulk, then click on Edit-->Update a Field.  
  • Type in the name of the field that you need to clear out or reset the value of.  Once the field is located, you can either update the value to be blank (if it's a text field), or you can update the actual value (ex. an updated custom soccer scholarship amount or intent to enroll set as 'no').  Then click 'next.'  
  • You will be asked to confirm this change with some important information before it takes place.  Once you've read the disclaimer and confirm the changes, click on 'update.'
  • For any fields that were reset as blank, or to overwrite and update a field value that changed, you can follow the same steps to set these values in bulk prior to contract generation.

Additional Resources

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