The Draft Applications page lets you see which students have an application form currently in progress and how far along they are in the process. Some of these draft applicants may have previously inquired with your school, whereas some may have jumped straight to applying. Families that previously inquired will have records in the system with contact information so that you can interact with them, whereas direct applicants do not.  Having the ability to interact with these draft applicants is critical to your conversion rates and yield. Learn how to invite these families to events, answer their questions, and/or get them on the phone while their form is pending completion!

There are two ways to access the Draft Applications page:

  1. Navigate to your Admissions tab -> Forms sub-tab -> Draft Applications.

  2. Click on your name in the upper right of SchoolAdmin -> Forms to Import -> Draft Applications.

How-To: Understand & Sort Draft Application Columns

Once you are on the Draft Applications page, you will see a list of any students who have an application in progress, and the following columns will be displayed. You can click on any of the column headers to sort on that column (in ascending or descending order). By default, the page is ordered alphabetically by Name on Form (i.e. student name).

Name on Form: The name of the student as entered on the Application Form. You can click the student name to preview the application form and see what the family has filled out so far. If you have any draft applications in the list without a name in this column, this means that the family started the application form but have not yet filled in the student name field.

Form Type: Displays the form type, which is Application.

Status: Displays the current status of the application, which will be one of the following:

  • Draft: The application form is in progress and the parent/guardian clicked on save and finish later on any page before the application fee payment page.

  • Pending Payment: The parent/guardian has completed all of the pages of the application form and is on the application fee payment page, but has not yet submitted their payment. When draft applications are in pending payment, you will see the option to force submit the form on the admin side - see the information on 'Submit Form' functionality below for more details.

Start Date: The date that the application form was started in the portal.

Last Updated Date: The date that the application form was last accessed and updated in the portal.

Apply Grade: The apply grade for the student as entered on the Application Form.

Apply Year: The apply year (term) for the student as entered on the Application Form.

User Name: The name associated with the parent portal account used to start the form.

User Email: The email associated with the parent portal account used to start the form. This email can be used for communications. This is also helpful if the parent hasn't yet entered their personal email in the form.

Submit Form: A 'Submit Form' button will appear in this column only for applications that are in the Pending Payment status. This means that the parent/guardian saved on the application fee payment page, but did not yet complete the payment. As an admin/user, you can click on the Submit Form button to force submit the application. This is a useful tool when you're working with families who are planning to pay the application fee via any method that isn’t listed on the application fee page, or when you want to waive the application fee for a family on an individual basis. Once you submit the form, you will need to mark the application fee checklist item complete from their contact record.

How-To: Use Action Menus on the Draft Applications Page

To communicate and interact with your draft applicants, select contacts in bulk or individually by marking the checkboxes next to each name along the left. This will activate your bulk actions in the upper right of the page.

Communicate Menu

Within the Communicate Menu, you have access to the Send Email action, which allows you to send an email to the parent/guardian using the email on their Parent Portal Account (i.e. the email listed in the 'User Email' column). Please note that this may be different from the email they list as their contact email on the application form itself.

At this time, custom email templates will not be available to choose from when sending an email from the Draft Applications page; however, you can copy and paste them in and your custom formatting will be maintained.

Edit Menu

Within the Edit Menu, you have access to two actions, as described below:

  • Export to CSV: Use this action to export all information from the draft application forms to a CSV file. This provides an opportunity to work with the data while it's pending to be brought into the system so that you can track your touchpoints with families and make notes.  

  • Delete Application(s): This will permanently delete the selected draft application(s) from the system. You will be asked to confirm the action once you make this selection. This action cannot be reversed!

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