The Draft Applications page (Admissions Tab-->Forms-->Draft Applications) lets you see who’s in the process of completing their application form and how far along they are.  Some of these draft applicants may have previously inquired with your school, whereas some may have straight applied.  Families that previously inquired will have records in the system with contact information so that you can interact with them, whereas straight applicants do not.  Having the ability to interact with these draft applicants is critical to your conversion rates and yield.  Learn how to invite these families to events, answer their questions, and/or get them on the phone while their form is pending completion!  

List Page Columns

Here you can see the following columns:

Name on form: The name of the child that’s inquiring about your school or applying to your school.

Form Type: Displays the form type which is an application.

Status: An application form can be in three different states.

  • Draft: The parent clicked on save and finish later and is in the process of filling it out.
  • Pending payment: The parent completed the application form, but hasn’t paid the application fee yet.
  • Submitted: The parent completed the application form and submitted the application fee.  The parent cannot make any changes to the form, however, they can view a printable PDF in the parent portal.  Click here to learn how to turn on user notifications for when an application form has been submitted. 

Start Date: The date that the parent/guardian started the application form.

Last Updated: The date that the parent/guardian was in the form last.

Apply Grade: The apply grade of the kid.

Apply Year: The year the kid wants to apply to or is applying to.

User Name: The name of the parent/guardian that’s filling out the form.

User Email: This is the parent portal email that was used to start the form.  This email can be used for communications.  This is also helpful if the parent hasn't yet entered their personal email in the form.

Submit Form: Click on submit form to force submit an application form for a parent.  This option will display once the parent/guardian is at the application fee page.  This is useful for those parents/guardians that are paying an application fee via a method that isn’t listed on the application fee page such as a paper check. Once you submit the form, you will need to mark the application fee checklist item complete, and then if you refresh the student’s record, you’ll see the application form also gets marked as complete.

Action Menus

To communicate and interact with your draft applicants, select contacts in bulk or individually by marking the checkboxes next to each name along the far left.  This will activate your bulk actions in the upper right.  

Communicate Menu

  • Send Email: This action will send an email to the parent/guardian using their parent portal email/user email via an external email provider.


Edit Menu

  • Export to CSV: You can export all information from the draft application form to a CSV file.  This provides an opportunity to work with the data while it's pending to be brought into the system so that you can track your touch points with families and make notes.  
  • Delete Application(s): This will delete the draft application from the system.  You will be asked to confirm this action once you make this selection. 

Additional Resources

  • Click here to learn about the 'Forms Inbox' and how to import forms
  • Click here to learn about the 'Recently Imported' forms page

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