Many elements of billing can be handled between the student record and the parent/guardian records.  Financial responsibility and splits can be managed in the student record, whereas charge history, adding fees, and credits are handled in the parent record.  

Billing Tab: Student Record

There’s a Billing tab in the student record that lists the financially responsible parents/guardians with links to their records. 

Billing Tab: Parent/Guardian Record

Once you click on a parent name or go to their record directly, you can click on the 'Billing' tab which is comprised of the Ledger tab and the Balances tab.

Ledger Tab 

Within the Ledger Tab, you can see a record of each financial transaction and any upcoming amounts that will be due. The columns in this tab are as follows:

  • Date: Date that a charge, credit or payment is due/was added.
  • Description: A description of the charge, credit or payment that's listed.
  • Type/Category: Select a billing category.
  • Amount: The amount of the charge/credit/payment.
  • Current Balance: Current remaining balance.

Within the Ledger, there's a dotted line, as shown below between August and September, that will move up on the billing day to divide past amounts and current amounts due.

Billing Actions

This page shows a history of all payments and all the details listed above. You can add a charge such as a book fee, add a credit, add a payment and view/send the billing statement.  If you add a charge for a future date, it won’t show up on the current statement until that date is relevant.  

Note about Late Fees: We don’t auto-set late fees.  Late fees are also assessed on the parent records, not on the students.  You can set it to the primary payer or through a split.  Schools will need to filter out for kids for any late fees and apply it as they see fit.  

To add a charge, credit or payment, you'll be asked for the date of the charge, a description, the billing category and the amount as shown below. For a payment, you'll have an additional button to add a split.

View/Send Statement

You can also view the existing billing statement PDF or send an updated statement directly to the parent/guardian.

Balances Page

The balances page will show you all of the billing categories, the student that has these categories applied, and the remaining balance.

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