The Document Request Form feature of SchoolAdmin can be used to create an Online Transcript & School Records request process for your school during the Admissions or Enrollment Process. This article will detail the process, as well as some best practices and examples for you to use.

How-To: Understand the Request Process Flow

Document Request Forms function very similarly to online teacher recommendation forms in SchoolAdmin. Here are the basic steps in the process:

  1. Parent submits request to current school via Parent Portal.

  2. Recipient at current or former school receives the request email.

  3. Recipient clicks on link in the email and is taken to the request form where they can securely upload files. Please note: All files are uploaded and transferred via TLS1.2 256-bit encryption.

  4. Parent receives a notification once the files have been submitted, and the associated checklist item is marked as complete.

File upload includes support for uploading multiple files at a time. The uploaded files are not visible to students or parents - they remain confidential to the school.

The document request form can also collect additional data beyond file uploads, such as form fields or signatures. This means that you can ask additional questions to the person completing the request.

How-To: Best Practices

  • Provide clear information on the checklist explanation for parents, including any release disclaimers.

  • Provide clear instructions to the current school, including what documents to upload and alternative methods to submit the documents if needed.

  • Include terms of service and waivers in your application form that cover the collection of transcripts, school records, recommendations, and other student data.

  • If you have a process to confirm and review submitted transcripts and school records to ensure the proper documents have been received, you can use automated communication plans to create reminders and/or saved searches to provide visibility into recently submitted documents.

  • Always perform an end-to-end test to verify the process and to review the messaging at each step in the process.

Handling Records from Multiple Schools

Depending on your process and the student's education history, you may require records from multiple schools. In most cases, this scenario can be identified as part of the initial application form based on questions asked there. Those answers can be used to display the appropriate checklist for that student via checklist business rules. If you have any questions or need help setting up your online process, please contact SchoolAdmin Support.

Example Email for Online Records Requests

Providing clear and easy to understand instructions in the Document Request Email will facilitate getting documents back faster and more consistently. Here is an example email that can be customized to suit your school's needs.


Dear Registrar, Principal, Dean, or Secretary,

Under the provisions of United States FERPA public law #93-380, you are receiving this request and the parent/guardians of {{contact.first_name}} {{contact.last_name}} hereby give permission for you (the school) to release the information requested below. Requested information will be kept confidential.


Requesting School: {school.long_name}

Student Name: {{contact.first_name}} {{contact.last_name}}
Birthdate: {contact.birth_date}

Parent Names: {{recipient.salutation_first_and_last_names}}
Parent Contact Phone: {{recipient.phone_1}}

Please submit the following school records:

  • First report card from the current academic year.

  • Entire year transcripts from previous academic year.

  • Standardized testing (if available)

  • Attendance reports (if available)

Click here to securely upload files. (note: use the {{checklist_request.request_link}} merge token to populate this link. Make sure it is clear and easy to see in email.)

Alternative methods for providing records:

  • Email:

  • Postal mail:
    School Address

Thank you,


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